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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Smoking Food At Home

Since my book review of Home Smoking Basics: For Meat, Fish and Poultry by Maria Sartor last month, I've had some fun trying out the recipes in the book using my new Bradley Smoker.

If you follow me on  Facebook or Instagram you will have seen the delicious smoked foods we've made so far ..... and if you don't follow me ..... well you're missing out!

We have been smoking food at home in our new Bradley Smoker - Digital 6 Rack Smoker Oven which we got from a Perth local supplier The Smoke Shack.
Being digital, all you need to do is set the temperature and timer and then sit back while it pretty much cooks itself.

In this smoker you can do both cold and hot smoke foods - so for cheese you could cold smoke just to get the smokey flavour or you could hot smoke on a very low temperature to soften and slightly melt the cheese - we did smoked brie with garlic and lemon thyme this way and the smokey flavour was delicious.

Our Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker Oven
The flavour you get from smoking foods is amazing, it adds a totally different layer of flavour to the food and can transform a simple dish into something really special.
The smoke flavour can be intense but the trick is to alter the amount of smoking time to soften the flavours and also use different flavoured bisquettes - everything from apple flavour (great for pork and cheese) to bourbon flavour (great for meat and ribs).
So far I have cold smoked cheddar and brie cheese and hot smoked chicken, roast beef, ribs, pulled pork and a variety of sausages.

Cold smoked cheddar and brie cheese
Oven smoked tandoori chicken
Oven smoked beef ribs so tender they fell off the bone
Sausage hooks and Italian beef sausages ready for the smoker
If you love smoked foods, BBQs and outdoor entertaining you will love a smoker oven. They are about twice the price of a BBQ but so long as you use it often enough then it's worth the money.

Most Sundays we have dinner cooking in either the Webber BBQ or Bradley Smoker which I'm sure drives our neighbors deliriously hungry with the delicious smells coming from our backyard!
If you have a smoker or thinking of buying one, the Home Smoking Basics recipe book is great it has heaps of recipes and ideas to have you smoking like a pro in no time!

What's your favourite smoked food?

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  1. I loved smoked foods, especially pulled pork but haven't tried smoked cheese. I wonder if I can convince Mr C to buy me this for my birthday.

    1. Yes go on. I find the men get into the BBQ and smoker more than us so he'll probably love it more than you!

  2. That is a huge smoker!! My favorite is smoked turkey on Thanksgiving! Yum! I swear, I wish I was your neighbor... I'd be over every night for dinner! haha!

    1. It is pretty big we need to get more organised so we can smoke large amounts at a time otherwise I feel like we're turning it on for only 1 small roast!
      If you were my neighbor there'd a slide over the fence so you could come visit anytime you smelt something delicious or just needed a vino or three :)


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