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Monday, December 5, 2016

Book Review: Plant Craft By Caitlin Atkinson

This is a book review of Plant Craft by Caitlin Atkinson that was published by Timber Press on 19 October 2016.

Caitlin Atkinson is a photographer, stylist and interior merchandiser. Caitlin photographed the book Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias and this is the first book she has photographed, styled and written herself.

This is a beautiful craft book based around the concept that not everyone has a garden but with just a few materials you can bring some nature into your home in the way of crafts inspired by nature and made of living plants, flowers and branches.

With over 250 pages and 30 projects ranging from a table centerpiece, hanging mobile, hanging rock garden, bench planter and more there are projects to suit all types of creatives.

The projects range from easy to difficult and will suit all levels and talents (yes including black thumbs like me!). The projects look easy to follow with step by step instructions and lots of images to assist each step.

What I love most about this book is the beautiful photos which are lush, green and full of life and really inspire creativity. You can tell this is a photographers book it's just beautiful you could almost buy it just for the stunning images!

I recommend this book to plant lovers who want to bring some garden greenery inside.

I give this book 5 stars out of  5

Jarrah Jungle's Star Rating:
1 Bad - I'd rather eat brussel sprouts topped with anchovies than read this again
2 Not Good - I'd rather watch paint dry than read this again
3 Ok - I'm sitting on the fence - its not great but not terrible either
4 Good - I'd give up a bottle of the worlds best champagne for this read
5 Great - I'd pass up a date with Johnny Depp for this read

Plant Craft can be purchased from the author here 

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Disclosure:  NetGalley partner with bloggers such as me to help promote authors and their books and I was given this ebook published by Timber Press to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I am terrible at growing anything inside, but I love bringing in fresh pieces in my home... such as hydrangea cuttings (fresh or dried), magnolia leaves, etc. I am sure I'd really enjoy this book!


    1. If I put my indoor plants outside in the air every now and then they seem to last a lot longer! Yes me to I love hydrangeas they are so pretty. This book is gorgeous it has lots of great ideas for adding some greenery inside :)


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