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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Backyard Progress: Patio Build + Fence Install

Following on from last weeks backyard progress blog post and our new timber deck being built as part of this design we also had the carpenter build a patio to sit over the deck.

The patio comes directly off our house and will be like an outdoor room where we can BBQ, dine, chill out and entertain.

Firstly, the treated pine patio posts were core drilled into our new limestone retaining wall for strength and support. Once the patio was finished the carpenter installed a Colorbond fence (the same as the new side fence) along the retaining wall and these patio posts will form the support posts for the fence. 

The frame is all made from treated pine which we will stain to look like a more expensive timber.

We went with a peaked roof design rather than a flat roof so it has a higher ceiling and gives the illusion of more space. 

Mr P and I got busy on a stinking hot 40 degree weekend and stained all the patio posts and ceiling beams and transformed the treated pine into a beautiful looking timber.

This had to be done before the carpenter could install the roof sheeting.

I'll be writing a separate blog post on How to stain a treated pine patio in 7 easy steps using Cabot's exterior products. Here are a few sneak peeks of us staining the patio and when I say "us" of course I mean Mr P did all the work while I kept him replenished with icy cold drinks, snacks and words of encouragement!

We spent the weekend applying the stain and then the carpenter returned during the week to install the metal roof sheeting.

For roof colours we picked Colorbond - Shale Grey which is a light grey as we thought the lighter colour would be a bit cooler and the grey tones suit our tile roof colour which is Colorbond - Monument and is a very dark charcoal.

We also added some sheer roof sheeting to let light in as we were worried the closed in roof would make the inside of our house too dark - we picked the sheer roof sheeting in a 60% tint.

The house is a bit darker now that the patio roof is on, even with the tinted sheets, so it was a good idea to include these otherwise it would be so dark we would need to turn lights on during the day which is not what we want to do.

For some colour contrast we painted the treated pine ceiling beams white so that the stained timber frame would stand out more. If it was all stained timber we thought it would be a bit too busy.

Funny story about painting the treated pine ceiling beams white .... I accidentally painted the wrong ones - there were 2 piles of wood and I painted the flat beams instead of the square beams - this is why I'm good at making sandwiches while Mr P tackles the DIY!

The carpenter had to paint the correct pine beams white before he installed them. 

The carpenter then installed the Colorbond fence panels using the treated pine posts (which we had stained) as the supports the fence was attached too.

This was Mr P's idea to break up the metal fence with timber and to make the posts a feature - I was really unsure about it and wanted to play it safe and stick with metal fence supports the same colour as the fence but in the end Mr P was right they really do make a nice feature.

Sometimes you need to take risks when renovating and trust that it will turn out for the best!

With the patio being attached to the house there were some changes that had to happen to our gutters and down pipes as well - the roof tiles were removed and the house gutter and a different style a V gutter attached between the house and patio.

A new gutter was installed on the outside of the patio and we picked the same colour as the roof sheets Colorbond Shale Grey.

New down pipes were installed as well which we picked in both Colorbond Classic Cream to match our cream coloured rendered brick walls and in Colorbond Manor Red to blend in with the timber support poles stained in 'jarrah'.

What a big project this has been - first we had the retaining walls built, then the deck was laid, then the patio with a new roof was built and lastly the fence was installed.

The French Doors we installed 4 years ago in the kitchen and dining room by removing a window and turning it into a doorway are finally being opened and used to access the deck and patio area which is awesome.

I can't believe after all this time our long awaited dream for a backyard deck and patio has finally become a reality!

All that's left to do now is oil and seal the timber deck which is our next weekend project and as mentioned I"ll be using some exterior products from Cabot's to do this.

Then we can move our outdoor furniture and bbq out here, decorate with some pot plants, and finally relax and enjoy the outdoor room we have created!

Do you have an outdoor patio or pergola?

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  1. Ok, I am so jealous of this space! :) We have a pergola, but it def. doesn't offer shade and it gets hot in the summer months. I love that you have a covered area yet it is still outside. You are such a great cook and hostess, I am sure you'll get a lot of use out of it.


    1. I can't wait to throw a dinner party Carrie it has been over a year as we've not had the space to do it! Being undercover is a big bonus, and we still have our front courtyard which is not covered if we want some sunshine :)

  2. Wow Michelle, this is looking all kinds of amazing!

    1. It's taken many years of dreaming but we have finally got there! Thanks Nicole :)


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