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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finding the right couch

With the living room underway we’ve been couch shopping. Yea yea I know we should be painting but shopping is way more fun.

We definately want classic stylish black leather and we're keen for a modular with a chaise to lay on similar to this one.

Now to figure out what will go with it.

LOOK 1 - Either a 2/3 seater in matching black leather for under the window and a funky chair for the corner like these


LOOK 2 - A pair of black leather armchairs for under the window with a little lamp table like these

I’m a bit worried too much leather will look like a set up for a bondage party! Plus all that black may look a bit 'heavy'. That's why I like the idea of the fabric chair to break it up but then it might look like I'm trying to cram too much seating in the room. Having just the 2 armchairs will look less crowded but then there'll be less seating. Hmmmmm decisions, decisions.

I need your help! What do you think, Look 1 or Look 2?

Photos from herehere, here, here and here Pin It Now!

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