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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birds N Cages

I'm so obsessed in love with birdcages n cute lil birds, anything I see with them on it and I have to buy it. Full price too (so not like me!). They've become a bit of a trend which is probably why they're on everything from clothes to decorating. I've recently added to my collection teatowels, drawer liners, a jumper, silver ornament, wooden birdcage and now these mirrored wall decals.

They were easy to put up, just remove the protective film from the mirror side and then from the back to remove the sticky. Use a spirit level to get them straight on the wall and hold for a few seconds and they stick like glue.

I did have to pinkie swear I wouldn't want to take them off ... ever ... as they'll probably remove the paint as well. Ain't guna happen look how sweet they are all clustered in the corner like that.

The wooden birdcage and sequined bird I bought from one of the antique shops in Guildford and drilled a ceiling hook in to hang it from. I've got to get some decorative chain for a more authentic look but the black ribbon will do for now.

I'm loving the feminine touch in this room and how its coming together bit by bit ....

Mirrored Wall Decals Kmart $14
Wooden Bird Cage Guildford $27
Sequined Bird $13
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  1. Can I just say that your profile picture is probably the cutest thing ever? Although those wall decals come in a pretty close second! Subtle and cute! I adore the way that you added an actual antique birdcage, too.

  2. Very cute! Love the wall art. Hope you are having a lovely week.


  3. The bird cages are gorgeous! I couldn't agree more! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  4. Just found your blog through Maxabella and wow, been blown away by all your hard work, have been reading all through your blog here and there and everywhere and you have done heaps! You must be so proud of your home taking shape.

    Also, being a fellow Perth girl, have to say that the Guildford anitque shops are just so wonderful aren't they!


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