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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Makeshift Living Room

This is our makeshift living room. Yes folks it's the dining room. Cosy aint it!

We moved all the furniture out of the living room and dining room and either sold it or gave it to friends and then put the rest in storage. The only furniture that's going back into the living room is the tv cabinet and tv. I'm glad I kept my old sofa bed now, it's not very comfortable but it does fit perfectly in this small space.

There's a few benefits of being so close to the kitchen ...

I don't have to dash into the kitchen on the ad breaks to attend to whatevers bubbling on the stove because I can see the tv from where I'm cooking now. Pete's pretty stoked he can pretty much grab a beer from the fridge without getting off the couch. If you always see the bright side of any situation you'll get through it a lot easier!

Has anyone else had to turn another room into the living room while you renovated?
What room did you choose and why?
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  1. We spent ages in our formal lounge (surrounded by furniture and clutter) as our makeshift kitchen and family room while our floorboards were being laid throughout the house. When our kitchen was being renovated, the laundry was where I had to do the dishes - what a pain. But all the inconvenience is worth it in the end :)


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