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Monday, January 24, 2011

Point and Shoot

When: Saturday, 22 January 2011 @ 4.10pm
Where: Wedding at Araluen Botanic Park

I got dressed up, dolled up, glammed up for a friend's wedding on Saturday. (We scrub up pretty well don't you think?!). The wedding was in a park besides a huge pond and straight after the ceremony a special drink was handed around for toasting the bride a groom - a shot of galliano dropped in a cup of lemon squash. That's one way to get the party started! The reception was at a beautiful home overlooking the entire city. We danced outside under the stars and even when it started to rain that didn't stop us, it was such a hot balmy evening we needed the cool change and it felt absolutely magical. A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain"

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  1. Hello Michelle,

    So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I LOVE your dress!! :)


  2. Aw, I just love weddings! Jealous of the wedding. The red looks great on you!

  3. stunning dress!! You both look fabulous!

  4. oOoOo araluen - i grew up going to araluen all summer every summer it was alot different 25 odd years ago, less touristy, more natural and some great places to swim [the stream not the big pool/pond that youre standing next to - lots of leeches in that pool/pond or their used to be, tho back in the day people used to climb on top of the wooden pergola [if thats still there] that ran right along next to the pool and jump in!]

    you look glam btw!



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