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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day 2011

Tomorrow the whole of Australia takes a day off to hang out with mates and family, have a bbq, drink some icy cold beer and wine, watch the fireworks, go for a swim and relish in the fact that we were born and raised here in such an amazing country.

The recent floods across QLD and beyond have really drawn out what it means to be Australian, the way strangers have helped one another, people all over are donating whatever they can money, clothes, food, and even their time to help those affected by the terrible floods disaster.

We are strong in moments of weakness and positive in times of hardship.

I'm so proud to be an Australian, to be born here and for that I should really thank Mum and Dad who love to travel the world but made sure they were back home in Perth to have little me!

Happy Australia Day everyone!

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  1. Happy belated Australia Day! I hope you had a wonderful wonderful day!


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