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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Rug Hunt Is Over

I fell in love with the bright green cushions in this photo and for months and months I've had my heart set on finding that same shade of green in a rug for the now finished living room.

But alas it was not meant to be rugs are just not made in that colour (trust me I've looked in every rug store about 3 times over!). So in the end I had to compromise and opted for this lighter shade of green instead.

I didn't want a rug with a pattern as I thought it would compete with other colours in the room like in the art or cushions (when I get them!) whereas plain is a good solid background colour. The rug I picked is below, as you can see it has a border of thick shag and the inside is soft and plush. Its a fun contrast.

Yes it does look a bit like grass (it's ok you can say it!) but I think it will be a really striking contrast against the jarrah floorboards and the dark leather couches. Now I'm on the hunt for all things pistachio to bring the colour scheme together (thanks Bright.Bazaar for directing me to a name other than lime green!)

[Images from Decor Pad, Ideal Home and here]
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  1. LOVE IT! Im totally in the green zone at the moment..and I love that Pistachio shade of green.
    Buyster rugs have some affordable choices...and I love the Anthropology rugs out at the moment in the ..just divine!
    Look forward to seeing it all come together x

  2. I actually really like it! It's going to look SO good against the jarrah. Look forward to seeing it. x

  3. Will be great with your floorboards, will look forward to seeing a picture of it at your place.

  4. i'm buying a green rug to go in our front room later this year and i've found a green rug VERY similar to the original colour that you wanted.

    where did i find it?


    in fact most of the rugs that i covet have been from places other than rug shops, i find rug shops overpriced and i've decided to become frugal lol so need to save as many pennies as possible!

    all that being said - i love your new rug!!


  5. those cushions in the top photo are indeed a lovely shade of emerald green and how lovely would a rug that colour be!!

    Looking forward to see the finished living room all rugged up and looking flash :)

  6. I too really like that rug! I am thinking about a rug, but don't know about rug over carpet?

  7. Love it too Michelle, look forward to pics:). Cx


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