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Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY Cupboard For My Shoes Glorious Shoes

At last count I had about 70 pairs of shoes which apparently is a bit too many. So I did a bit of a clear out and managed to cull down to 54 pairs.

The reason for the cull is theres nowhere in the house to store them!

Yes this is the culled pile!
They won't fit in the wardrobe in the bedroom, because we designed it to fit as many clothes as possible with a double hang system which meant there wasn't room for shoes too.

Luckily we have great storage in this house and right next to the master bedroom is the hallway which has double cupboards - 1 has shelves and is used for linen and 1 has a shelf and rail used as a coat cupboard.

As I've gushed about before here and here, I had the bright idea of converting the coat cupboard into my very own shoe cupboard.

The hallway cupboards on left - Bedrooms off to the right
This is the linen cupboard (we were restoring the floorboards here)
This is the coat cupboard - Soon to be shoe cupboard!
We painted the hallway about 6 months ago but the cupboards and floorboards hadn't been tackled yet so when we painted the living room over the Christmas break, we also prepped the cupboard, pulled out  the rail, filled in the holes, painted on an undercoat and give it a lick of paint Mountain Peak to match the walls, sanded and sealed the floorboards and it was ready for the shelving.

We measured up the cupboard and figured out how many shelves we could squeeze in there with enough gap between to get the shoes out. We checked out the shelving kits in Bunnings and ended up going with Rubbermaid - We bought 7 shelf kits (2 shelfs in each), 2 heel kits and 2 baskets.

Before - Preparing the cupboard
After - All painted and ready for shelving
The Rubbermaid shelves were really easy to install.
There were 3 pieces of frame, which got drilled into place using a spirit level to make sure they're straight, then the shelves slotted into the frame with a bracket and you move them up and down until your happy with the position.
The big baskets went in the bottom for flat shoes and thongs and then the heel kits for the stilletoes to sit on, then the rest of the shelves for the other flat shoes.


Once the shelves were in I had a play around to see what would fit - starting with the flats on the top and working down to the heels.
I sat some shoes on top of the other so I could fit 11 pairs a shelf, the wedges and heels I had to sit side by side so could only fit 6 across.
The boots fit along the very top Jarrah wood shelf, even the uggies.
And yes I am sharing ... Pete has his own top shelf and a basket. The best bit .... there's still room for a few more pairs HELLO SALES!


It's not quite finished yet, I want to hang a full length mirror on the inside door, install a light, replace the handles and wallpaper the outside of the doors with some beautiful paper we bought in Amsterdam last year.

I do feel very Carrie Bradshaw everytime I open the doors and look inside!

What do you think of my DIY Shoe Cupboard?

[All images my own]
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  1. oOoOo look at you!! very fancy!!

    i always marvel over how many pairs of shoes other people i have - i have about 5 pairs - i think im unusual though?


  2. This is awesome!! Although my shoe collection is... hmmm - non existent, I envy you this closet ten fold!! :)

  3. Gorgeous! What a great idea - you guys pulled it off so well. By the way, your hallway is *exactly* what I want ours to look like some day. Great minds think alike, no? :)

  4. two words... NICE and LUCKY! That is so awesome. Your shoe closet is the size of my entire closet! xo

  5. Wow...that is great! I used to have a shoe closet like that in my old home...but we downsized so many of my shoes are in the attic. Like you I also found other things in my home to conquer my closet and shoe organization. I did a 21-day purge last fall and got rid a lot of my fall/winter shoes so this go around I purged my bags...oh boy! Found some great, affordable shoe organizers at IKEA and it was a lot of work...but so worth it. Good luck in the giveaway and have a great day. Fondly, Roberta

  6. I love it!!! This is exactly what i´m trying to do with a cupboard i got available. Can you please specify the shelving system you used? I´ve been looking for Rubbermaid but can´t seem to find the ones you used. Thank you!!!

  7. Hi Angie I can't find an email address for you - the shoe shelves, racks and baskets can all be found at this website
    Let me know if you need any more info :)

  8. Wow, looks great Michelle! I have trouble finding fabulous and some-what comfy shoes that fit so congrats on finding so many I say!


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