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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tree of Love

My gorgeous Valentine listened to my hint at wanting a Bonsai  for V Day and that's just what I got - this  Juniper Bonsai.

It came with a full page information sheet which states its not really an indoor plant and should be left outside under a patio (bugger) and it needs to be watered EVERY day (double bugger). I'm not a green thumb by any means (just ask my herbs they seem to shiver when I walk up to them now!) so I hope I can keep this tree of love alive and well. For now its staying inside so I can admire it each day, its got a good spot in the kitchen next to the window so it'll get enough daylight and near the sink so I really have no excuse to forget to water it.

If anyone has a Bonsai I'd be very grateful for any tips from you to help keep this baby alive!
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  1. It's so beautiful...I have always had a sweet spot for those lovely little trees. We have a couple small evergreens in the garden that I'm trying to keep small and compact. My youngest daughter loves the scale of it also and she plants petite flowers near by. It's like a little fairy garden! Enjoy!


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