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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Outdoor Dining Setting

Thanks to those who gave advice on my dining dilemma your comments are greatly appreciated :-)

I've decided to go for it and create an outdoor dining area. It will be under the patio until the decks built so it's time to pimp the patio before Friday's dinner party! The first thing to do is replace the old glass table and sling back chairs which has aged over the years and gone a bit rusty (nothing kills a fancy dining experience more than rust!) and find something a bit more fancy.

I absolutely love square shaped tables I think they're more sociable than the rectangle tables as you can sit in pairs and see everyone. I like the wicker look too. So with my wish list sorted, Pete and I jumped in the car and went for a Sunday drive. At the first stop Segals I found a setting that was perfect it was brown wicker, square table and comfy chairs. But at $1500 it was way over budget and I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much. We even drove back there and asked for their best price but as it was already on sale  they wouldn't go any lower.

We looked at a few more places but didn't find anything we liked in budget so feeling disheartened headed for home and seeing my bottom lip quivering Pete on a whim took a side street and pulled into Australia Outdoor and Leisure, it was 10 minutes before closing they were literally shutting the doors as we rushed in and straight away my eyes landed on a nearly exact same setting, same square table that seats 8 but with different chairs. Also the wicker is a grey/black look instead of brown which I quite like. I was grinning and squealing at the same time and after a test of the chairs said those magical words "we'll take it!"

The table looks like this, square in black wicker with a tempered black glass table top.

The chairs are also black wicker and came with grey tie on cushions. They have open arms instead of the tub style but actually I think these will be better as your legs won't be against the wicker, so they'll be more comfortable. The wicker is UV resistant PE wicker which means that you can hose them down to clean them also a bonus.
Oh and the price you won't believe this - $699 for the complete setting - table, 8 chairs and cushions. Yep that's less than half of what the other set cost! We took it home, unwrapped the zillions of bubble wrap on the chairs, assembled the table and tadaaaaaaa here it is.

The outdoor dining room is definitely in the making ... what do you think?
1st and last 3 images my own]
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  1. WOW! Love this! Great pick for your space!

  2. Love it - looks perfect on your patio x

  3. nice!!

    i always wanted a wooden outdoor table and chairs but Guv was always against the idea mainly because of the price. then we stumbled upon a gorgeous rectangle 10 seater wooden seating with two granite inserts in table reduced from $1800 down to $800! we bought it on the spot - it was reduced because each piece of the granite was cracked but i think it just makes it look old and worn in!!

    can't wait to see what else you do with the outdoor space!!


  4. We have one similar with a matching small day lounge type chair with ottoman. They are actually quite comfortable to sit on too. I like that they look so 'neat'.


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