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Friday, March 11, 2011

My B&W Photo Wall

As promised I want to share with you my b&w photo wall which was one of the projects I tackled last weekend.

Since the hallway was painted this area which is the entry into the Hallway from the Kitchen, was crying out for some attention and something to define it and use up the blank space.

The mixture of frames I had I spray painted black, printed out my favourite photos in b&w, except for 1 which was a professional portrait and is in colour. I threw in 1 white box frame which I cut some leftover wallpaper to fit and printed my favourite quote on it "Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live".

Once they were ready I spent ages playing around with the layout until I was happy. I referred to my trusty Nest book and went with the 'on a line' design where you layout the frames as though the top frames sit on a line and the bottom frames start on the line, leaving an even amount of space between each frame. For the smaller wall I did more of a 'tile' design as there are only 4 frames.

After all the sanding and painted we've done on those walls I was worried about making a mess and drilling holes in the wrong place. I liked Martha's rule of using painters tape to get an even space around each frame but was worried the tape would remove paint so we decided to use maths, a tape measure, a level, pencil and eraser. Mr P is the star player from here and measured to the middle of the wall, each of the frames, plus an even amount of space between each frame, drew the frames onto the wall in pencil to work out where they would all hang and drilled in screws for them to hang from.

It did take some time but the good news is there were no mistakes and no extra holes drilled in error. There was a lot of pencil to rub off (yay finally a job I can do!) and would you believe makeup wipes took off the last of the pencil, they worked a treat.

On the smaller wall because of the door always being open we laid out the frames so they wouldn't be blocked by the door. These 4 frames look really good in a square layout.

Finally heres the finished look with all the frames hung on both walls .... the first view is looking into the Kitchen and the second looking the other way into the Guest Room.

So there you have it my long awaited photo wall  :-)
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  1. I hate having to use math LOL! I love pictures in the hall way, it is usually on the way to the bathroom and guests get a chance to stop and look. A wonderful memory wall


  2. Gorgeous photo wall! I love the transformation! Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  3. Nice work, they look great! I bet all that measuring and ruling up took ages, I would have been palming that job off to the other half as well :)

  4. Thank you for linking up this great post last week! {Im a lil behind, eeekk!}

    Its party time AGAIN!!! xoxokara



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