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Monday, March 14, 2011

Point and Shoot

When: Saturday, 12 March 2011 @ 4.05pm
Where: My Living Room

Saturday I ventured up Beaufort Street to check out some of the little shops that I always drive past but have never stopped to have a look at. I found a funky little retro shop which happened to be 50% off everything (they don't call me the bargain queen for nothing!) and I bought another gem for my study, a big rectangle clock with cherry blossoms drawn on one side and then the clock on the other reduced to $30. I also picked out a grey and white tie dyed maxi dress which for once wasn't too long for me and was reduced to $27. Next onto the op shop where I bought a glass vase for $2 and a book Girlosophy for $3 which I remembered wanting this book 10 yrs ago and even though I'm a bit old for it now I thought it would be a good addition to my bookcase for any teenagers that want something to read. Lastly I had my car washed by about 15 youths trying to raise money for a study trip, and then picked 2 bunches of flowers for myself before heading home.

After that adventure I came home and put my feet up for the rest of the day and got lost in my latest book buys and made a list of the designer lookalike things to keep an eye out for on my next op shopping expedition!

I'm off to see what everyone else go up to this weekend over at Fat Mum Slim's Point and Shoot
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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun on Saturday Michelle! Congrats on your fab buys...I wouldn't mind visiting that little shop myself -I haven't had much luck with bargains etc lately...maybe I haven't really tried?!! not sure. Have a great day :))

  2. Thanks for stopping by.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! Lots of bargains. Nice work!

  3. I bought my Ma that Megan Morton book and we love it.

    And I even met Megan at Ikea earlier this year. I was a little star struck.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend. x


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