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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Finally Growing My Own Veggies

The vegetable garden has been planted, its watering itself thanks to the reticulation setup and the little veggies are sprouting and growing. I've wanted to grow my own veggies for such a long time and can't wait until I can pop outside for some rocket to put on my home made pizza or leek to make my favourite potato and leek soup or tomatoes and spring onion for my Mexican salsa .... Guess I have to wait for them to grow first before I get too carried away!

After spending the other weekend pulling weeds and clearing the space, we spent last weekend laying the reticulation with little sprinklers through the beds and little drippers in the pots under the patio. This means I don't have to remember to water the plants anymore which means they might actually have a chance of surviving! Once the retic was in, I got stuck in with a big pick and mixed into the soil some manure (how did I get the stinky job?!) and soil improver. I made little raised beds out of potting mix and then the bed was ready for the vegetables to be planted.

I went to Bunnings and bought some plants - tomato, leek, spring onions and rocket seeds. I had some cos lettuce seeds in my stash already. Now for the job of planting out these babies, it was harder than I thought you have to be so careful with them and plant them into the ground delicately, then put a top layer of mulch. I've planted ...
Tomato 'First Prize' (hybrid bush tomato)
Came in a tray of 6 and I planted them in a staggered row

Came in a tray of 8 and I split them up as there were heaps in each and planted in 4 rows of 5

Spring Onions
Came in a tray of 8 and I planted them in 2 rows of 4

Rocket seeds
I put 3-4 seeds in each hole and kind of spread them everywhere in the corner so there might be a bit of a wild rocket corner here ... I was so impressed that they sprouted after about 5 days

Cos Lettuce seeds
 I planted like the rocket with a few seeds in each but they still haven't sprouted yet ... c'mon guys you can do it push through that soil!

It's such a good feeling to have the garden established, now I just have to wait for these little veggies to grow so I can eat them!
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  1. Ohh Michelle your garden will look fantastic once it is fully grown. I can't wait until I get to plant my vege garden for the 3rd time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  2.'s going to look gorgeous with all those yummy veggies :)
    Have a great w/end
    Claudia xo

  3. How exciting to have it finally underway! So many tasty yummy fresh veggie inspired meals on the way :)


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