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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiles Tiles and More Tiles

I've been thinking about tiles lately and which tiles to lay in the Kitchen and Bathroom and Laundry and Powder Room. Renovating all of these rooms makes me wonder if I'm meant to be matching up tiles in some way or if they can be as different as each other.

I was also thinking if I make the Kitchen and Bathroom the priorities and picked out some really special tiles for these rooms and then I could go for cheaper tiles or even use any leftovers for the remaining rooms Laundry and Powder Room. Except that I love shimmery tiles in the Bathroom - but not in the Laundry. I love patterned tiles in the Laundry - but not in the bathroom. Agggh what to do?!

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  1. loving the bathroom with mixed tiles. how cool is that! love it.

  2. I don't know! I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make the decision. I love all of those samples you posted! I'm sure whatever you do will look fab, like everything else you've done!

  3. love these ideas, all so 5 pic is interesting and gorgeous, would love to do something like that in my next bathroom.
    Look forward to seeing what u come up with :)

    claudia xo

  4. We shared a mutual hell, then! I think your idea about choosing special tiles for kitchen & bathroom makes heaps of sense - you'd see them more, right?

  5. The tile mosaic behind the tub?

  6. What a terribly blissful problem to have! I wonder what you have decided. I'd love some decorative floor tiles for my laundry floor (visible from the kitchen) and powder room and something beautiful (maybe glass tile) for my splash back. BTW, the link for your first pic is no longer valid - I wonder where the picture is originally from?

    1. You can see the tile choices we made on the House Tour page :)
      All images were from Pinterest, the links seem to have been removed now so I will try to find the source and update. Thanks for letting me know.


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