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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Bachelorette Pad For Sale

Before the days of Jarrah Jungle I lived in my very own inner city bachelorette pad. This was my first home I bought and I've decided the time has now come for me to sell. So while looking for photos for the sale, I found some when I use to live there and boy my colour palet has certainly changed since then! As I reminisce about the fun filled years of being a 20something in my bachelorette pad I thought I'd take you on a tour so come inside, kick your shoes off, grab a glass of wine and I'll show you around ...

This is the gourmet kitchen which I certainly didn’t use to it’s full potential, usually just whipping up a toastie sandwich for dinner. My fridge had a dedicated shelf for alcohol and a shelf for chocolate tim tams and that was about it!

Next onto the dining area which I used maybe once a year …. to sit my itty bitty Xmas tree on!

The living room which has a stunning sunny outlook into the pool area and to the front gate of the complex so I could perve on the hotties coming in. Yes it was like my very own Melrose Place (does anyone remember that show?!)

The master bedroom with its own balcony doors and not 1 but 2 wardrobes to fit my clothes. The 2nd and 3rd bedrooms I used the wardrobes for the rest of my clothes, living alone has it’s pluses I could spread my clothes out into every room!

My ensuite where my girlfriends and I would all get ready together drinking wine and doing our makeup and hair ready for a night on the town. Combined with the laundry, I didn’t even own a washing machine back then I think I just kept buying more clothes! Oh and my lovely Mum would do my washing and bring it back all clean and folded. You can see why I’m so shocked that I have to wash every single week now!

And the Piece De La Resistance .... the balcony which overlooks the gorgeous pool and spa area and tropical garden. I’d sit out with friends and we'd enjoy a glass of wine and take in the surroundings. Sunday mornings were the best with a coffee and newspaper and the morning sun waking me up.

The best thing about apartment living – there is no lawn to mow or weeds to pull, the caretaker takes care of it all. The pool was cool, the spa was warm, the sauna sweltering, and I had so many fun times inviting my family over for endless BBQs by the pool and my friends over for midnight spas.

I’m sad to say goodbye to my bachelorette pad (and lifestyle!) but I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to live the life of a bachelorette before I found the love of my life and started making Jarrah Jungle our home.

Wish me luck with the sale!

[All images my own]
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  1. good luck with the sale!! even though the market seems to be flatlining - inner city places tend to sell well if they are priced right!


  2. fingers and toes crossed for the little balcony have a fab week lisa xx

  3. Oh, it sounds like you had so much fun there. Good luck with your sale.

  4. Cute place! Best of luck with the sale. Buy yourself something fun once it sells! :)


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