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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sydney Suggestions?

I'm heading to Sydney for work next week and hoping I get a bit of time for some much needed stress relieving retail therapy!

Can anyone please suggest where I should go shopping for funky housewares or art? I'd love to find something a bit different for my lil Perth home! Thanks :-)

Image from Sheraton (where I'm staying)
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  1. Will you be there for the weekend? The Paddington Markets on a Saturday are always good to wander around. Otherwise I love wandering around Paddington itself and the surrounding suburbs whenever we visit Sydney, lots of cool homewares stores ther. Lucky you, have a great time away x

  2. Oh bum I love markets! Unfortuantely I'm only there Monday to Thursday

  3. I was going to suggest Paddington Markets too. Hmm, will have a think! Oxford Street in Paddington and surrounds in general has just gorgeous shopping. Enjoy, I am envious!


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