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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feature Tiles And Window In The Shower

I'm full throttle into re-designing the bathroom with a new double shower, adding in a toilet and a twin basin vanity. I think I've borrowed every book there is about bathrooms from the library and have post-it notes on every page in my magazine stash with gorgeous bathrooms I love the look of. But I still can't quite make a decision on what tiles to pick. Truth be told I've had my heart set on a striking feature wall of dramatic tiles, but as there will be a window on the wall I want to make the feature - the back of the shower - I'm beginning to wonder if it will still look like a feature wall.

I'm also not sure what the deal is with windows in showers, a bath you see a lot of but not with a shower and I'm not really sure what to do. Do we replace the window with glass bricks? Do we keep the old window in as is? Do we dare I say brick the window in so it's just a solid wall of tiles? Will it still look like the striking feature wall with a window in the middle or will I be disappointed?


Here's some feature tiles I love the look of and windows in the shower that seem to work

What would you do if you had a window in the shower?

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  1. Hello thanks for the comments!
    I love pics, 1, 3 & 4, just gorgeous!

    I would brick the window in, my dad and stepmum redid their bathroom and it just makes such a difference, have a lovely weekend xx

  2. These are o beautiful. If I had a shower window I think I'd just let it steam up and not worry about it!


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