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Monday, October 3, 2011

Chair Changeover

I managed to score a comfy leather recliner for my craft room, as it didn't fit in the man cave (more on the man cave progress to come). I had to move out the computer desk and chair and jarrah armchair to make space for it. Its pretty dominating in the room but oh so comfy to sit in.



What do you think, should I keep the chair or is it too big for the room?
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  1. It looks very comfy! But I'm not sure it "matches" the room decor? It's a lot more modern looking than the other items in there. That said, if it is so comfy, and you can arrange everything else around it, I'd say keep it! I'm no expert on decor anyway! haha

  2. i LOVE it, it's gorgeous!! i actually think it looks great against the furniture that's around it - the other pieces have a feminine touch about them, while that chair screams masculinity = perfect mixture!!

    i vote keep and it fits the room great!



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