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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easy Rd VS Hard Rd

I’m at a cross road in the Jarrah Jungle renovations and unsure which room to tackle next …

Easy Road: Man Cave
Hard Road: Kitchen

The Easy Road is the Man Cave
As the name suggests this is going to be Pete’s room to do whatever he wants (just like the study is my room to make as girly as I want!)

This room needs to be painted and furnished. Sounds easy but the paint in this room is peeling from when we ripped out the wardrobe (which you can see in the photo above) so we need to peel the paint off first, then smooth the walls, seal it and finally paint it.

At a guess I’d say it will take about 1 month.

On the downside this room is currently being used to store all the diy supplies and has become a bit of a workroom so if we do up this room we’ll have to find somewhere else to store them which sux.

On the plus side it won’t cost anything as we already have a zillion litres of Mountain Peak ready to go on the walls, varnish for the floorboards and new blinds ready to put up.

The Hard Road is the Kitchen & Dining Area

We need to rip out the old kitchen cupboards, sand back the suede effect paint and paint both the Kitchen and Dining Area (as you can see the rooms are joined so can't do one without the other) and then design and install our new dream kitchen. The kitchen design will take a lot of thought and planning and I want every inch of our little kitchen space utilised with cupboards everywhere.

At a guess I’d say this will take at least 2 months to completely refit and paint.

The downside is that this will be the most expensive reno to the house. I also fear without a kitchen we’ll succumb to buying take away or eating out which is spending money I’d rather be spending on shiny new appliances.

The upside is it will make the most impact on how the house looks and to my happiness. I still have boxes full of my nice kitchenware packed away as this kitchen is too tiny to accommodate more than the basics. Although I did manage to unpack all my wine glasses – prioritize hey? What can I say!

So should I take the Easy Rd or the Hard Rd?
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  1. Hmmmm...I think it depends on what you can live with more?
    Doing up your Kitchen will require more serious decision making and planning..especially when working on a budget..although it will transform your home in a huge way when done.If you are wanting to save up a little more for it then I would say the man cave....your kitchen isnt unbearable at all..its a fresh simple colour and the tiles are plain and simple and in good nic.

    And you can always start on the walls in the kitchen to update the look a little more.

    Man Cave seems easier, cheaper..and its another room ticked off the list.

    Hope I haven't confused you more? lol

    p.s added you to my blogs on the block list..and you were there before...I dont know what happened to the link?

  2. If you have ikea close, you should definitely look at kitchen options there! they really have some nice things. You could always google some kitchen makeovers on a budget to get ideas;-)

  3. Sometimes the hard road is the best road in the long-term but it can be a tough decision! Thanks for your witty comment on my blog!

  4. Ooh decisions! I do hate decisions at the best of times.

    I think you should take the hard yard. Two months is a while, but it will go quick and think of those lovely results. Also, lots of work going into it means you will need that storage room to make life easier for you.

    Man cave can wait, kitchen is the heart of the home, the expenses won't change so get it out of the way now I say!


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