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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Projects

We were busy beavers this weekend and managed to put the finishing touches on a few big projects that have been on the go .... you know when you pretty much get something finished but its just not quite done and still niggles at you each time you walk past? Well now I'm doing a little happy dance I'm so glad they're crossed off the list.

We put new handles on the hallway cupboards and bought a full length mirror for the inside of the door and some battery push lights to light up my shoes (remember aka Carrie Bradshaw). But then I decided the inside of the doors really need a coat of paint so they won't go in until that's done. You get a glimpse of the wallpaper in these shots which reminds me I'll need to give you the run down on entering the world of wallpaper .... I'm hooked now there's no going back!

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my living room to share with you too, here's a snipped of the shagadelic rug, plush leather couches and glass top coffee table that took me so long to find. I'm still on the hunt for a mirrored or glass side table and some art for the walls but I'm really happy with how this room is coming together (you wouldn't think it was the same room when you see these before pictures).

I rearranged my bookcase and study with my new purchases from Typo (the wooden magazine holder and the letter M). I find my bookcase is constantly evolving each time I bring home a new book or a shiny new object to display (which is quite frequently lately!)

And finally the project I've been wanting to get to for months and months .... My photo wall .... its done! See what happens when you blog about it, then you have to go and do it! These babies have been hung in the hallway and I can't stop looking at them. I keep walking the long way into the kitchen just to walk past them. Happy Dance Happy Dance! After I finished my little happy dance it was late last night so I haven't yet uploaded the after photos but I will soon, promise.

So tell me what projects big or small you've finished lately?
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  1. Wow Michelle, you've been busy! I LOVE your "M" find, and can't wait to see your photo wall! Look at you guys go. :)

  2. Everything looks so great!! Loving the green of the shag rug in living room and the 'M' holder. Great finds!

  3. Love the M magazine holder too! And the shagadelic rug is fabulous! Look forward to seeing your wall :))
    have a great w/end


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