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Craft Room / Study

The Craft Room/Study is the smallest room in the house and the only one without a wardrobe. It started life like the other rooms with daggy carpet, dusty blue blinds and boring beige walls. This may be the smallest room, but it is also all mine to do as I please with which means it's my book lovers crafting oasis room.

The room before with carpet removed, old blinds, beige walls

Old blinds

I’ll spare you the painting details as we followed the same process as before with the Guest Bedroom and Master Bedroom, except that as there was no wardrobe to rip out of this room there was no peeling paint off the walls which was a relief so that saved us a lot of time. We filled the smaller holes and sanded until smooth then it was straight into the painting we picked Mountain Peak in double strength for this room.

Filling the holes in the walls

Mixing the paint with our cool paint stirrer

Walls painted

We also went to the extra effort with the floorboards of putting filler in every little gap where the wood panels join the other, as initially we only filled the holes from the nail marks but not the grooves and unfortunately all the grains of sand get stuck and you can’t quite get in there to clean so decided to fill the buggers up this time and we will do this for each room we do from now on. Here's a closer look at those floorboards to see how well they sealed and how much they gleam with that extra coat of Tung Oil. Definitely worth the effort I say.

Floors before - holes filled and sanded back

Floors after - sealed and shiny

Last thing was to hang up some new blinds and we choose silver aluminium instead of timber like the rest of the house because they were cheaper and looked more modern. Plus this room is on the side of the house so doesn't get full sun so the cheaper blinds are ok. Now it was time to get decorating to transform this blank canvass into my very own Craft Room/Study.

After - new blinds up

The only furniture I bought was the bookcase (Ikea's biggest one) and you can see my super styling efforts here. It is still a work in progress but I love having my own bookcase I can't believe I've survived all these years without one!

New bookcase being assembled

Bookcase styled

The rug was also a feature purchase and makes a real statement sitting pretty in the middle of the room.

The other furniture in the room was a computer desk and chair which I never sat at so I gave it away and replaced it with  a comfy chair to read books on, but again I never sat on that either so I put a little coffee table in it's place and that works for now.

Before with computer desk and chair

Then with a feature chair which was too dominating

Now with coffee table fits much better

The chest of drawers and small bedside we already had and gave them a new lease of life by replacing the handles with the ones that were on the master bedroom wardrobe we ripped out. Now they look shabby chic and are the perfect size to hold all my crafty supplies which means I can actually find stuff when I need it now!

Chest of drawers with revamed handles, used for crafty storage

The baskets I'm using as a wrapping station were found at a church fair and a tackled with a can of yellow spray paint.

Baskets painted and turned into a wrapping station

The filing cabinet I bought at an Auction and because it's grey the same colour as the walls and behind the door it's not an eyesore and blends right in. It's so good having our paperwork all organised I can find what I need when I need it.

Filing cabinet organisation

I’ve wanted some wall decals for I don’t know how long and surprisingly they've been a bit hard to find here in Perth and I thought I'd have to resort to buying some online, until I stumbled on these mirrored wall decals from Kmart. It took a bit of convincing before Mr P let me stick them up and I had to pinkie swear I wouldn’t want to take them off ... ever! I also have a bit of an obsession with birdcages and couldn't resist this wooden cage being hung up too.

Wall decals going up

Bird cage going up

After my birdy wall I just love it

So that's my room for creativity, card making, wrapping pressies, and where I browse through my growing book collection. 

I love having my own space and a place I can be as girly and feminine as I like.

Room breakdown:
Bookcase Ikea $269
Filing cabinet Auction $10
Jarrah coffee table Auction $5
Rug $150
Desk and chair already had $0
Desk runner Spotlight $18
Jarrah chair already had $0
Leather recliner part of set $150
Wall decals Kmart $15
Birdcage Guildford Antique Shop $28 and Bird $10
Umbrella stand Target $13

If you are a fellow crafter and join Blitsy a one stop shop for discounted craft supplies and make a first time purchase it would be awesome if you use my referral code HERE - you will get great discounts and I get a $10 reward to spend on my creative obsession so I can share more posts like this with you guys! Thank you!!

[All images my own]

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