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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Nearly The New Year!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas with friends and family and those that mean the most to you. My Christmas has been really relaxing, I had Christmas Eve dinner at my parents out on the farm and Christmas Day lunch with Pete's family by the pool. I bought the entree for both so I'll be sure to share the recipes soon. The last few days I've been catching up with friends, hitting the sales, and chilling at home in the air conditioning keeping cool and watching foxtel which was a Chrissy present to ourselves. I can't stop watching the lifestyle channels there are so many home shows I've been loading up on ideas!

With Christmas over for another year, now the count down to New Years is on. This year I'm going out into town to a club to dance and drink bubbly into the New Year! I haven't been out to a club on New Years for over 10 years so it's sure to be an interesting night if only I can decide what to wear :)

What's your plan to bring in New Years 2012?

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  1. It looks like you are going to be sparkly on NYE!!

    I hope you have a great one whatever you do. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year:)

  2. Happy New Year, I hope you had a great night!


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