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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let There Be Lights

I'm chuffed to say we've found 2 out of the 3 lights that were on the wish list. We may have run around like maniacs driving to 6 light shops in 3 hours, but it's amazing what you can get when the pressures on.

For the Man Cave we picked this Inside 1 Light Pendant in retro black and orange. A few more orange accessories in the man cave and I think this light will look pretty funky.

For the hallway as much as I wanted the bubble lights we don't really have the room in our little hallway for it to be a feature so I picked out this Pinto double glass pendant which should look good with the hallway cupboards and pretty wallpaper

We found both these lights at Beacon Lighting and as we were buying 2 lights I asked for a discount (as always) and the lovely lady took $10 off one and $8 off the other and also 50c off each globe, hey it all counts doesn't it!

I also want to show off the lights I bought some time ago from Tilly's Lights which is the biggest and best light shop in Perth (in my humble opinion). I fell for this retro looking Shanghai 4 light pendant for the guest bedroom

This Versa 5 Light Pendant is for the living room, again its got a bit of a retro twist but is pretty modern as well. I think the round glass will look pretty striking over the white and green glass coffee table

I can't wait for these lights to be installed they will really finish off the rooms, hopefully we can get an electrician to come and install them before the New Year

Man Cave Light   $89.95
Hallway Light   $71.95
Guest Bedroom Light   $198
Living Room Light   $500

[Image 1, 2 & 3 from Beacon Lighting and Image 2 & 3 from Tillys Lights]
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  1. *love* the man cave light the orange is funky but after seeing the prices of both the guest bedroom and the living room light, i now know why we haven't upgraded our basic bog standard light fittings when we built this place 5.5 years ago!! LOL

  2. Let there be light!
    hey ... am waiting for a picture of your Christmas ....


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