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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crayfish and Prawn Cocktails Recipe

As promised I'm sharing my Christmas Eve entree dish Crayfish and Prawn Cocktail which I modified slightly from the original recipe to use my own sauce, less lettuce and more prawns.
I made the crayfish and prawn mix ahead of time and kept in containers and also chopped all the other ingredients and kept in sandwich bags so I was ready to assemble and serve when ready - I love dishes like that you can prepare ahead of time it makes for a stress free party dish.
I'll be honest this was an expensive dish to make for 6 serves it cost $55 for the crayfish and prawns alone not including the other ingredients. There was only just enough meat from 1 crayfish so if I made this again I'd use 2 crayfish which would bring the cost up to $75 which would make this a special occasions dish only. Having said that it does look pretty spectacular and I got lots of ohhhs and ahhhs carrying them to the table!
Crayfish and Prawn Cocktails
Makes 6
3 iceberg lettuce leaves finely shredded
6 red tipped lettuce finely shredded
3 spring onions finely chopped
1kg cooked Australian tiger prawns, peeled, deveined and chopped (keep 1 whole prawn for each person for a garnish)
1 crayfish, cooked and meat chopped (keep legs for garnish)
3 tsp seafood sauce
1 tbs thousand island dressing
Lemon juice
Cracked pepper
1. You'll need 6 cocktail glasses and layer the ingredients as you go.
2. Chop crayfish meat and put into a small bowl and stir in thousand island dressing and cracked pepper and then spoon into bottom of glass.
3. Top with spring onions.
4. Top with iceberg lettuce and red tipped lettuce pushing down to fill.
5. Chop prawn meat and put into a small bowl and stir in seafood sauce and cracked pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Then spoon into top of glass.
6. Garnish with a whole prawn on side of each glass and some crayfish legs.
7. Serve and enjoy.
The prawns and crayfish before
Prawns peeled, chopped and sauced up
Crayfish cooked, chopped and sauced up
Layer into your glasses - crayfish, spring onion, lettuces and prawns
Serve and enjoy
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[All images my own]
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  1. That looks soooooo good, and you presented it so well. Yum!

  2. Looks great! Im not a huge seafood person but Id love to try this!

  3. spectacular, Michelle. And love the glasses. I must get some glasses that would work for this sort of dish - I had been thinking large martini shaped ones.... I just adore crayfish and am going to have to splurge on some soon. Hope your year is going well.

  4. Oh wow! Not much of a foodie ... not much of a sea foodie ... but this looks great :)


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