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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters - Dear Watermelon

I'm pretty damn excited about the Aussie Day Long Weekend ahead so this week's Friday's letters are written with a big grin on my face! Thanks for hosting Ashley, head on over to The Sweet Season to link up your Friday's Letters.
I'm imagining I'm writing this weeks letters from this cute and practical home office space sipping on a skinny cafe latte double espresso no sugar thanks!
Dear Watermelon - You are the perfect summer fruit and I don't care if I look like a 2 year old and end up with you all over my face you are refreshing and delicious.
Dear Gumtree - I'm relying on you to help me rent out my Apartment now that my tenants are moving out next month. I need someone by February, go on do your thing!
Dear Lexi - Almost 2 weeks we have had you now and your manners have improved heaps. You don't nip at my ankles anymore but you still need to work on that jumping when you're all excited. Truth be told you think you can get away with it because your so freaking cute which is true, but still a lady should always mind her manners!
Dear RSPCA - I sent you some pictures of how happy Lexi is in her new home and you wrote an adorable email back to Lexi telling her she already has us wrapped around her paw! You guys do such a fantastic job looking after animals who have been mistreated and if anyone in Australia is ever looking for a pet dog or cat take a look at the RSPCA first, you are helping a wonderful cause saving an animal and taking home a pet that is going to appreciate living in your home more than anything.
Dear Giveaway - Don't forget to enter my Personal Planner Giveaway by tomorrow and good luck!
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