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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters - Dear Valentines Day

Hello Friday it's so good to see you! I'm linking up my Friday's Letters over at The Sweet Season why don't you head on over here and link up some letters too.

I'm imagining I'm writing my letters from this relaxing home office space with a pot of tea to keep me company.

Dear Valentines Day - I don't need a day a year to make me feel loved by my man, he makes me feel loved every single day... although waking up to a big bunch of flowers and breakfast of vegemite on toast was pretty perfect. Love you to the moon and back baby x

Dear Lexi - Week 5's destruction was you ripping out the frangapanis I had been growing for months from cuttings and had started to flower and look beautiful. Plants in the ground are not a dogs play things!

Dear Sick Friends - One friend came out of hospital this week (the care package must have helped!) but sadly another friend went in. It breaks my heart when my friends are sick I just want to you feel better soon. Love you like sisters xx

Dear Tenants Moving Out - Let's hope for a smooth transition today when you vacate the property, I just want it clean and tidy and ready for the new tenant to move straight in. No dramas and no hassles please and thank you.

Dear New Tenant Moving In - I've given you a chance as you've never rented a property on your own before. Someone has to give you your first go, and I know what that's like so just don't let me down ok.

Dear Body - You may have only managed to run 2 laps and walk for 4 but you are hurting which means it must have done something! I'm keen to get fit and into running no pain no gain body!


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  1. Keep up the good work with your exercise - every little bit makes a difference!

  2. Happy Weekend Michelle! Sounds like Lexi is enjoying the yard...we have and "invisible fence" system and it keeps Oliver out of parts of our yard. It works! You might want to look into it. We just had another blast of snow...pretty, but I'm looking forward to some warmer days! xo

  3. Good for you with the running. Stick with it!

  4. Oh dogs.. Don't you just love them?! And good for you for giving a new Tenant a chance!

  5. Good luck with tenants. About 3 years ago agreed to rent out my unit to a family who had just arrived in Australia from India. Glad i took a chance... they have been wonderful and have lived there ever since. I agree that everybody deserves a chance :)


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