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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where I Shop Til I Drop

There are some key places I return to again and again for my hit of affordable homewares around Perth. It's the vases, cushions and art on the walls that start to turn a house into a welcoming home and where you can add your splash of personality and surround yourself with things that you love.

I've been helping friends out lately suggesting shops to go to for certain house and home items so I thought I'd share a list of my favourite places to shop around Perth. This is not a sponsored post these are shops that I love to go to because they offer value for money and pretty shiny items that I can't resist especially when they're on sale!

  • Target – Sign up for their newsletter they email a different special every day and if you see something you like and can wait for it to be on sale, they rotate the 20-50% off specials weekly. Target have a large variety of wall art and decor items that are good quality and sometimes mistaken for designer pieces. They have a quick turnover of their products so the shelves are changing frequently which means there's always something new and shiny to admire and put into the trolley.  
  • Kmart – Always low prices although not as fancy looking. They are increasing their small decor range to include a range of lighting, I paid $90 for the Man Cave pendant light from Beacon and Kmart has an almost identical one for only $15. I also just bought a twin set of black/chrome bedside touch lamps from there for $25 after looking for years for that style everywhere else with no luck.
  • Freedom – This store rocks, it is fun and affordable with designer look pieces. They always have cushions on sale which I can’t stop buying ... I have about 20 at last count! They have stylish kitchenware, vases (like my favourite green one), decor, wall art and a good range of lighting. They often have sales so sign up for their newsletter to get the latest specials, they are giving RACWA members 20% discount this week.
  • Spotlight – This is my go to place for a huge choice of cushions, table runners and rugs. They also have a variety of kitchenware, homewares and decor items that end up in my hands after browsing the pretty fabrics and crafts in this store.
  • Ikea – Their stock doesn’t change for the whole year so you can pick what you want from their catalogue and go there on a mission with your list in hand and fill the car! Sign up for their newsletter and they email a discount voucher every month like $20 off if you spend $100. Ikea stock everything from furniture to plants but I find they have a great range of frames (for framing your own art), wall art and decor.
  • The Reject Shop - I go here for the variety of frames and wall art. They also have affordable homewares, candle holders, that kind of thing.
  • Beaufort St, Mt Lawley – Start at Empire or Baker and Shuhandle they are both great for design ideas but too expensive for me, then visit the funky decor shops all the way down Beaufort St until you get to the florist corner where you can buy a cheap bunch of flowers to take home! I’ve bought lots of homewares from Allure like this cute owl vase they are quite affordable and on trend, they also have a separate room just for their art work. Behind The Monkey a few doors down sell homewares too but they've closed half their store so not as much stock anymore but still great for one of a kind purchases.
  • Sussan and Sportsgirl - Although these are fashion stores they have a small but fantastic range of quirky homewares that often go on sale, I think because people just don't go there to shop for these things - I've bought a terrarium and yellow wooden clock that everyone comments on asking where they are from, a great place to browse when you're out clothes shopping!
So that's my list of favourite places to shop around Perth 
If there are any shops on your hit list I've missed I'd love to know about them!

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  1. wishing right now I lived in the big smoke with more choice for shopping. I do like the list.

  2. Oh I wish we had some of those great stores. I looked at the Freedom website, it looks amazing! I mostly like to shop at thrift stores for furniture and then refinish it or paint it for a fresh look.
    Not sure if you have a World Market, but that is one of my Go To stores.

  3. I went to Perth today for a shopping trip! Kmart and Target featured heavily on my list! Great shops!

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  4. I hardly did any shopping in Perth / WA.

  5. A reject shop just opened yesterday in my town, I love it!! Got some awesome wall hangings and some great craft stuff for the kids. I plan on going back tomorrow by myself without a tantrumming toddler to check it out further!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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