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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DIY: Painting The Eaves Around The House

I am happy to report that Mr P and I did our last lot of exterior painting of the Jarrah Jungle home the other weekend and finished painting the eaves around the front of the house.

We have painted every part of our exterior from the rendered brick front and back and sides of the house and the window frames (we painted these twice ... the first time white and then a few years later a charcoal colour).

The old fibro asbestos eaves we had removed and replaced with fibre cement sheets when we did our garage extension about 4 years ago. We painted the back and side eaves when we painted the back of the house but we hadn't gotten around to painting the front eaves ... until now!

To finish off the eaves Mr P had some scotia that he cut to size on an angle using the power saw and then secured to the eaves with a nail gun. The scotia fills the gap between the brickwork and ceiling and makes it look neat and tidy.

Any nails that were sticking out Mr P hammered in so they are smooth and then used a putty to go over the nails so you couldn't see the nail heads.

The eaves and scotia were then ready for painting.

To prep the eaves to paint we used a broom to clean off the cobwebs, bugs and dirt and then used a dry rag to give them a good wipe over to make sure they were clean.

We laid drop sheets down and only used painters tape for the garage door area and the rest of the eaves Mr P painted free hand with a patient hand, an angled brush and a wet rag to wipe up any drips and slips as he went.

Now for the type of paint we used Spring Flat Plastic Paint in white - it is a really inexpensive paint (we picked up 4 ltrs from Bunnings for under $15). The odour is a little strong but as we were painting outside it didn't really bother us. It is a plastic type paint so it will take forever to mix properly by hand so I suggest you use a paint mixer like the one I'm using below - simply attach  the mixer to a drill and use the drill to mix it and it's ready in just a few minutes. 

That's it once the prep work was done we were ready to paint .... Mr P as always was the cutting in master and I'm the roller girl waiting for my turn to follow with a roller. I am very grateful to whomever invented the painting stick or I'd never be able to reach the ceiling!

We painted on one coat and then waited a few weekends (due to the wet weather) until we could get out there and do the second coat of paint.


What a difference a nice fresh coat of white paint makes. 

But wait that's just the first coat you always need to do two coats to get a nice even coverage. But the good news is the second coat always goes on much quicker and easier.

It's almost a bittersweet feeling knowing that we have almost finished our Jarrah Jungle renovations ... how will we spend our weekends when we don't have things to paint!

Have you done any painting around the house lately?

I have added our painting projects big and small to my Projects Page which you can find here

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  1. Oh you guys will have to get another project to work on - you're so good at it! Well done guys it looks fantastic xx

    1. You're right I'm sure we'll find something to paint Sarah! :)

  2. You just have to buy another property and renovate that...just kidding. I'm sure you will enjoy not renovating on a weekend. it can be such a hard slog but it's definitely paying off. :)

    1. Don't laugh Rebecca we might just do that! The hard work is always worth it in the end when we see the final product and know that we helped do it :)


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