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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cyclone Nylex Never Kink Hoses - Garden + Pet Friendly!

Lexi absolutely hates bath time, as soon as I go near the hose she bolts into the backyard and we have to go and find her, pick her up, carry her back and look at her little sad face which pleads ....

Why can't I stay stinky and covered in dirt!

I think her fear comes from all the times I've turned on the garden hose and it madly flips around on the ground out of control while I scream and shout and try to grab it, wetting everyone in the process - Lexi and myself included!

Don't worry - Lexi got her own back, that hose now has teeth marks in it after it became yet another chew toy!

But I may have found a solution to bath time with this
kink and pressure resistant hose!

Most of you will have heard of Cyclone gardening products who have 100 years of history in the garden sheds of Australia. Not only do they have a huge selection of gardening products they have also come up with a very clever solution for out of control garden hoses with a range of Nylex Kinkaway and Never Kink Hoses.

The hoses come in a few different types and sizes - I tried the Nylex Never Kink Pro Garden Hose. It has the biggest 5000 kpa burst pressure rating, that's a heck of a lot of water I can't believe the hose won't kink or twist under that kind of pressure! It also has a 25 year warranty which is pretty impressive against the harsh outdoor elements.

We put the no kink hose to the test - laid the hose out and turned the water on full pressure - we willed it to flip around and wet us but it laid on the ground as innocent as can be, the hose didn't move a bit.

The hose didn't kink or twist up either which is usually so annoying, you get all the way around the side of the house to water something .... and no water comes out because it's kinked up! 

Being 30 metres long this hose is pretty heavy to pull along so we fed the hose around a hose reel we already had, attached the hose to the reel and turned the tap on and we were ready to use it.

Our new improved mobile dog wash ready for action ....

Here's hoping that Lexi may start to believe the scary hose is not out to get her and bath time can be fun.

We used the hose with a Nylex trigger gun which had a few different speeds and the lowest setting was a gentle spray of water and perfect for washing Lexi.

Whilst Lexi may not look too impressed, trust me it was a very soft flow of water and much easier than the bucket of water we usually use to wash her.

We also tried out the Nylex Automatic Hose Reel which stores a 20 mtr hose, you attach the reel to the wall, connect to the tap, and then pull the hose out when you need to use it and when finished it retracts back into the holder.

This not only stops the unruly out of control hose but is perfect for us because Lexi chews anything we leave laying around outside including our hoses - but she won't be able to get her teeth into this one because it's protected.

This hose will remain intact long after Lexi has grown out of her chewing stage (if she ever grows out of the chewing stage!)

We installed the hose reel to a pillar in the courtyard next to the tap.

All we needed was a few screws, plugs, drill and a level and we fit the reel holder and then the reel  just slides over the top.

The hose already comes with tap fittings and a spray handle so once we connected the hose to the tap we were good to go.

It's bath time again Lexi .... just joking!

Now we can just pull the hose and go, there's no need to worry about the hose bursting off the tap fittings, or the hose getting tangled in knots, or more importantly for us Lexi chewing it!

I love that it's easy to store and tucks away neatly as well, it's a perfection addition to our courtyard.

Now that we have the water sorted this courtyard is in need of some landscaping, plants and lawn .... stay tuned for more kerb appeal and courtyard updates coming soon!

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Disclosure: Many thanks to Cyclone for providing me with these products for review. I have not received any payment or compensation for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. We have something similar to this and LOVE IT!!! I bet it is nice to have with her chewing everything, lol. She's so cute :) I hope she enjoyed her bath.


    1. This is one thing Lexi won't be able to chew! I need one for the backyard as well!


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