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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kerb Appeal - With Earl The Letterbox And Numbers

Now that we have installed a fence and gate around our limestone courtyard we are looking at the finishing touches to add kerb appeal to the front of the house.

Starting with replacing our cute little mail box which I can't believe is still standing on it's rusty pole in the ground, it's been knocked over more than once by trucks reversing into it and then dumping sand on top of it (true story!) plus it's not lockable so our mail isn't secure either.

Letterbox shopping is serious stuff, we went to half a dozen shops trying to find one we liked the look of and that could be installed in fence slats.

These were the top two we found in Bunnings ..... Earl and Soho.

We picked Earl because the letter slot was covered so it would keep the mail dry, nobody likes soggy wet mail! I also like the large slot for junk mail and my magazine subscriptions.

We got out the cordless saw and cut a hole in our newly installed fence panel which was just a little terrifying as you can imagine, all that work to install the fence and then we were cutting a hole in it! 

Thankfully Mr P knows what he's doing and we didn't make any mistakes and the letterbox fits in nicely.

It is pretty heavy, we put a heap of screws in it to hold it secure and it's lockable with 2 sets of keys which is just what we wanted for our mail - safe, secure and dry.

Isn't Earl handsome .... !

Now that the mailbox was in we needed some shiny new house numbers to finish it off and so the mailman would put letters in there - for a week the mailman was still using our old mailbox until we took it away!

Only certain types of numbers are suitable to be screwed into brick, most numbers were stick-ons which wouldn't last for long out in the elements in the rain so we went for the screw in type.

Funny enough the numbers went through the checkout at different prices, apparently the 6 is worth more than the 1, but I got them both for the cheaper price of course .... I am the Bargain Queen after all!

We used the sticker template to measure and centre and get them straight on the brick pillar and then drilled them in. 

Nice and shiny and not too big or showy, I think they suit the pillar just right. 

I think the new letterbox and numbers make a great first impression and adds kerb appeal too!

Our next project out here is to start on the courtyard's garden and landscape design and turn this patch of sand and weeds into a garden with lawn and plants.

Operation kerb appeal is underway!

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  1. That actually looks really great! I love the numbers on the pillar, you're right, they are just the perfect size. Nice and easy for someone visiting to find your house as well.

    1. I hate it when I'm driving along and can't find the house numbers! You won't miss these ones!


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