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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Courtyard Garden: Waterproofing The Limestone Garden Bed

The first thing we did once the courtyard garden bed had been built was to waterproof the inside of the garden bed which is made from limestone blocks.

We needed to waterproof it because the back of the garden bed is our limestone fence surrounding the courtyard and we don't want it to get damaged by water seeping through or to stain with water marks and a waterproof will protect from this.

The garden bed is a decent size about 3.5 metres long in total which will fit lots of fresh herbs and vegetables that we are hoping to plant this weekend.

Mr P also waterproofed the limestone fence when it was first built - you can read more about that here.

We used a Crommelin waterproof product that is specifically made for outdoor use in wet areas such as garden beds.

A pair of disposable gloves to protect your hands and a paint brush is all you need to paint on the waterproofing. We bought a small paint roller and tray as well but it was too awkward inside the garden bed so we didn't end up using it - it's much easier to just paint it on with a brush.

Mr P painted on the waterproof nice and thick all the way along the inside of the garden bed. It's a once only coat and only took about an hour from start to finish. The black makes it easy to see where where you've applied it and I like how the black adds depth to the garden bed.

To be honest this stuff looks horrible (like something out of a horror movie!) it's thick with a tar like texture. But the good thing is it has little to no smell. 

That's another little DIY ticked off the to do list and the garden bed is now ready to be filled with sand, soil and we can start planning out our herb and vegetable garden (hopefully this weekend!).

What vegetables and herbs do you grow at home?

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  1. Can't wait to see the gardens. It will just set the space up beautifully. There is a similar tar product that can be used for guttering to prevent/stop leaks. It's just a quick fix, but the waterproofer you used in the garden beds reminded me of applying the tar to the gutter.

    1. Yes it sounds like a very similar product Bec :)

  2. You partner did a much neater job than mine when applying the ugly black stuff. Well done to him. Mine's theory? It will be covered with dirt what is the problem? 8 years on the "artistic" application is seen every day!

    1. Oh dear, at least you have a funny story to tell right that's how happy memories are made :)
      I was worried you would see too much of the waterproofing but we managed to cover most of it with soil so that's good. Luckily my partner has had lots of practice painting the inside and outside of our house!

  3. This is a lot of work, but will be so worth it once its done!! I wouldn't even have thought to waterproof it... good thing you've done your research! :) What a pretty space!


    1. Mr P is very careful he likes to do a good job so it will still look this good in 20+ years time!

  4. It looks great! Can't wait to see the finished courtyard with all the furniture and decorations!

    1. Me too, that's when the fun really starts - decorating!

  5. Waterproofing is such a messy job! Every time the builder tells me he's waterproofing, I make sure he wears his oldest clothes so I can just throw them out! That stuff gets everywhere. You courtyard is looking sensational!

    1. You are right it does get everywhere! We use a cheap brush so we can throw it in the bin afterwards :)


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