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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jarrah Jungle - 6th Year Blog-versary

My beloved Jarrah Jungle blog, my creative outlet and diary of our home renovations, is turning a big 6 years old today!


Thank you all so very much, YES YOU my awesome readers, for supporting my blog, stopping by and leaving a comment, sharing or liking Jarrah Jungle on social media, it makes it all worthwhile to connect with the blogging community and readers from all across the world.

Boy oh boy what changes I've seen over the last 6 years within the blogging community. 

There are so many well known blogs that have stopped updating their blogs (like Young House Love my inspiration for starting this blog!). Certainly bloggers aren't blogging every day like they use to - it was hard to keep up I read blogs more than books back then! I write 2-3 blog posts a week and while I love the easiness of social media and I share on there daily - you just can't beat having a landing page and a blog to call your own.

I work full time as an office administrator in a legal office (my real day job) and blog after hours in my spare timeI'm not going to lie it's a lot of work having a blog and it's working for free too which is why you rely so much on the connection from readers so you don't feel like you're doing it all for nothing. 

For anyone new who may not know how the Jarrah Jungle blog 
came about here is a little about it .....

I started the Jarrah Jungle blog in 2010 about 8 months after I moved into a do-er-up house with my then boyfriend and now husband Mr P. 

As we started tackling our first renovation my passion for interior design really came alive and I wanted somewhere to diarise the before and afters on the house, to share where I found bargains and good buys and indulge in my love for turning our house into a home.

The blog name Jarrah Jungle is a namesake to the jarrah wood throughout the house - the floorboards, shelving in cupboards, even the roof beams are solid jarrah. The backyard was a bit of a jungle too so the name fit perfectly!

I love to write about our DIY projects and renovations we are tackling. When the paint brushes are put away I also write regular book reviews and share recipes and other happenings around the Jarrah Jungle home.

I think like minded home lovers identify with my blog because they can follow a renovation by real people getting our hands dirty - there's no Lifestyle Channel TV crew helping us, just Mr P and I, our sense of humour, hard work and passion for turning our house into a home!

Thanks again for reading and being around for these 6 years .... you guys are awesome!

I wonder what the 7 year itch will bring!

To see the blog-versaries throughout the years you can check out these blog posts:

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  1. Happy blog birthday! Thanks for sticking around - I love coming to your page for a bit of a sticky beak X

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, you are welcome anytime lovely! x

  2. Congratulations on another birthday. Life changes, online life changes. Blogs come blogs go. We readers shed a tear when our favourites go. I look forward to more JarrahJungle.

  3. Happy blogoversary Jarrah Jungle! I think I may have been with you for the entire 6 years ....
    Thanks for joining the Lovin' Life Linky

    1. Thanks so much Leanne and you are absolutely right I think you have been there the entire time! Thanks so much for your support over all these years :)


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