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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Water Wise Plants + Pebbles Courtyard Garden

I have been dreaming about our courtyard garden for many, many years now and it's almost surreal that my gardening dreams are now becoming a reality!

Let's take a trip down memory lane to the front of our house 
BEFORE the courtyard renovation .... 

Now let's look at its progress today!

The Courtyard isn't completely finished yet but we don't have much left to do ..... We need to install our new shade sail to the poles, build a screen to hide the rubbish bins, seal the limestone pavers and then add furniture and pot plants and it will be an outdoor living space that we will want to spend time in all year round!

Over the last few weekends we've been planting a garden straight from my Pinterest inspiration boards with hardy plants that are perfect for the front of the house which gets a lot of sun and will need to survive a hot Aussie summer.

As the Rain Chain feature is part of this garden bed and it's close to the house foundations we also wanted plants that don't need to be watered very often so water wise plants were on the wish list.

The yukkas we grew from cuttings given to us from a friend and when we removed them from their pots we noticed some were growing extra plants and so we split them into more plants.

I'm so amazed that these yukkas cost us nothing as they are such a good looking plant and make a real statement in the garden too!

Next we planted some Cordyline black knight plants which are a red/purple plant and compliment the timber look fence perfectly. 

I love the spiky plants and the way they look architectural and modern. 

We add a few succulent plants to fill the gaps and we're hoping they'll grow and spread a little more to cover the ground.

I love succulents they are my favourite plants and this is a nice sunny spot for them to thrive in.

Instead of mulch we decided to add pebbles as a top layer to create contrast around the plants and in the garden bed. We shopped around for pebbles and found Masters had the best value - 20kg bags for $10 and we used 22 bags in total.

As the Rain Chain feature pot is in this garden bed we also wanted a solid base for any rain that may overflow down the Rain Chain in heavy downpours. Pebbles would keep the area a lot cleaner than mulch or soil would which will wash away and make a mess if it gets too wet.

I love how the black pebbles look against the limestone pavers and it makes the plants really pop as well. We just hope the pebbles won't heat up too much in the sun and that the plants will be tough enough to handle it if they do! 

We had to finish the reticulation in this part of the garden so that it's on its own watering program (we have separate zones for the lawn, the front verge area, the herb/veggie garden and this pebble garden because they all have different watering needs and need to be watered at different times).

Mr P fitted sprinklers around each plant so they will be watered automatically because my black thumb cannot be held accountable for keeping the plants alive!

Around the front of the garden to balance out the Rain Chain feature pot we added a similar feature pot that is slightly smaller with a large yukka planted in it.

Then we planted some yukkas and cordylines in between.

The courtyard garden is really coming along nicely.

I love how this garden design was easy to plant out and with the hardy plants it should be easy to take care of (or better yet it takes care of itself!).

The next gardening project for the courtyard is to plant a vegetable and herb garden and I have already sown some seeds which I've watched sprout and I can't wait to grow my own fresh veggies and herbs!

What are you growing in the garden?

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. We have a sprinkler and it is SO nice to have and then on our front porch my husband installed a drip irrigation system. Wow! This looks SO, so pretty! I love the plants and succulents you chose, it looks so professional!


    1. It makes it so much easier than having to water them by hand, more chance of them surviving that way! Thanks Carrie :)

  2. Your plants are looking nice! I love succulents too ♥

    1. Succulents are the best aren't they! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Oh I just love your new garden, especially the rain chain, just awesome. Love the black pebbles and plant choices, those succulents will be beautiful, they will grow and grow and you can snip off a few as presents or make things from them. And I've never met a Yukka that I've let die yet.
    We have a succulent garden with a few of these and I found a new plant called Flapjacks, they are a succulents too, we watered them in and now they pretty much look after themselves.
    Yay it's such a great feeling when you create a new garden, enjoy, I love it, happy weekend. x

    1. Thanks so much Lisa, you can't go wrong with succulents right, I just love them! I will have to see if I can find a flapjack plant :)

  4. Looks absolutely fantastic! Well done. x

  5. Love the contrast of the black pebbles Michelle. I love your garden and the plants you've chosen. It just looks soo GOOD! Can't wait to see your herb and vegetable garden. I might have to share my veggie garden on the blog. x

    1. Thanks Bec I really like the contrast too, sometimes the simplest designs are the best :) Yes you must share your herb garden!

  6. This is gorgeous! You're so clever. It must be so satisfying to see each finished result.


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