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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My One Word 2017 - Grow

Hi everyone! Happiest of New Years to you!!

At the start of each year, instead of writing a list of new year resolutions I won't stick to, I think about just one word to live by for the next 12 months that will act as my new year resolution - a word to focus on and strive towards.

The idea of having one word came from beautiful blogger Maxabella Loves and you can share your own One Word For 2017 over on Maxabella Loves.

My previous words over the years have been

Going back to my 2016 word change I was a newlywed and being married was an exciting milestone in my life and I wanted to think about change in a positive way because let's face it change can be scary and daunting as it's the fear of the unknown. I really feel that I lived by that word last year and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and make and embrace changes in my life and more importantly within myself.

The biggest change for me on a personal note was deciding if I wanted to be a Mum and start a family with my amazing husband Mr P. It took many years to come to this decision as it will bring so many changes to my body, freedom, wants and needs, a career I've focused on for 20 years, and to the relationship between Mr P and I as we make room for a little bundle of nappies and smiles. Becoming parents was not a decision we made lightly but we decided we were finally ready and I'm excited to say I have a bun in the oven with our little one due in May! 

Now if that's not living by my 2016 word change I don't know what is!

Without further ado my one word for 2017 is GROW

Just like a seed being planted or a flower about to bloom I am focused on the word grow this year.

On the inside I want to bloom and grow into my new role as a Mum. I can barely change a nappy and have so much to learn about what being Mum is all about. So much personal growth is in front of me and it's a little ok a lot daunting but I know I can do it.

On the outside I'm halfway through my pregnancy and my baby bump is growing bigger by the day. I'm learning to embrace the changes my body is going through and not let doubt and worry get the better of me. Afterall millions of women go through this every year and if they can do it so can I.

Mr P and I's home is going to grow and fill with love as we start our little family. This also means making room for our new addition to the household and turning our beloved Jarrah Jungle into a family home is at the very top of our to do list.

So much growing to do on the inside and outside this year and grow is such a perfect word for me to embrace.

I felt quite emotional typing this blog post today and I don't normally get so personal, what can I say, it must by the pregnancy hormones!

If you had to pick just one word to live by this year .... what would it be?

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  1. As scary as it is to start with, being a Mum is amazing and will bring you so much happiness! Enjoy your pregnancy and savour the last few months just you and your husband (have lots of date nights and stock up on sleep)!!

    1. Thank you I'm doing my best to enjoy all the little things and moments now x

  2. Congratulations to you both. Best wishes. My word for 2016 was flexible. I've decided to keep that for 2017, as I still think I need to work on it!

    1. No harm in sticking to the word for another year, flexible is a great word!

  3. I never pick a word for the year, but I love reading about why others select their specific word. Grow is such a perfect word for you this year! I was so excited about this little bundle of joy!! How exciting!! The two of you are going to be such great parents!


    1. One word is easier than a list of resolutions! That's so sweet of you to say thank you Carrie I'll be looking to you for Super-Mum advice x

  4. Wow, that's such brilliant news, congratulations Michelle and Mr P! You really, really made the most of your word last year. And "Grow" is perfect for this year too. You know who to come to if you need baby advice!! Yay!!

    1. I love your idea of just one word it really helps me to focus without feeling overwhelmed about ticking expectations off a to do list. I will be doing exactly that, thank you! x

  5. Wow what a great post Michelle and I am sure you're going to grow into your role as a Mum wonderfully! I'm going to start thinking about what my 2017 word is now :)

    1. Thanks Casey :) I think your word should be drink up! Oh wait that's two words!! x


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