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Friday, January 27, 2017

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Gifts

I just couldn't help myself and wanted to do something creative for our pregnancy announcement to my family with Mr P and I's recent news that the Jarrah Jungle household will have a new addition arriving in May.

I wanted to give my family something special to remember the moment as it will be the first Grandchild for my Parents and my one and only big Brother will finally be an Uncle!

So I made these easy pregnancy announcement gifts using some leftover Avery Invitations from my engagement and wedding stationary and some nice bottles of booze that I think will take pride of place on the home bar for many years to come.

I used the plain Avery online template to suit the size of the card I was using and came up with my own designs (after trawling on Pinterest for hours looking for inspiration there are so many great ideas on there!)

I created the design online, saved it to the Avery template, printed them out on my black and white printer, and added some pretty washi tape and stickers for colour.

To attach the card I punched a hole and threaded with some pretty ribbon and tied them to a nice bottle of aged port.

For my Parents and soon to be Grandparents

For my Brother and soon to be Uncle

Of course I made one for Mr P's parents as well and I attached their card to a bottle of champagne which they have promised we will pop together on the arrival of their 14th Grandchild!

These pregnancy announcement gifts were so simple to make and cost next to nothing as I already had the stationary and ribbons etc, it was just the bottles of booze that I spent money on.

My family and Mr P's really loved receiving them and I'm glad they will have this keepsake to remember the moment of us announcing our pregnancy and it'll be nice to have a drink together once the baby arrives!

How did you announce to your parents you were pregnant?

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  1. These are so cute and thoughtful!! :)


    1. Thanks Carrie :) I'm still unsure if they will drink them or keep them!

  2. These are gorgeous. We didn't do anything fancy. Just a phone call. :)

    1. I'm lucky my parent aren't too far away so I could visit them and tell them face to face, we told other family over the phone though :)

  3. Congratulations Michelle.
    Wonderful news :)



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