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Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom came with the promise of my dream wardrobe and after 3 months of fishing my clothes out of packing boxes I was crazy keen to get this room finished. I wasted no time taking a sledgehammer to the old wardrobe, the only thing salvaged from this room was the ornate handles from the wardrobe which I used on a cabinet in my craft room which you can see here.

Before old wardrobe

Wardrobe going

Wardrobe gone

Then the carpets were ripped up to reveal gorgeous jarrah floorboards which were sanded back and sealed

Carpet being removed

Floorboards filled with filler ready for sanding

Sanding back the floorboards

Once the walls and everythings painted the floorboards were sealed last
but here's a peak of them now

After the floorboards gleaming and shiny

Ok so back to the painting, we had to peel 40 years of paint off the walls, filling holes, sanding back, filling again, painted on an undercoat, then we were ready to paint on some colour.

Peeling off the old paint - we filled 4 garbage bags full

For the wall colour we choose Silver Treasure, its a British Paints brand but we had it tinted in Dulux as it looked much crisper. We also tinted it double strength so it had a bit more depth for the bedroom. Took a bit to cover the old wardrobe marks and we did 3 coats in the end until we were happy with the coverage.

Filling, Sanding and Sealing around the ceiling and skirting

Trying to cover the old wardrobe marks

All painted crisp and clean

Now about that wardrobe. After having my clothes in boxes for over 3 months it was like a scene from Sex In The City when the wardrobe was installed ... in Carry's words hello lover! We wanted it to look built in so put it from wall to wall instead of next to the doorway like the old one. We looked at Ikeas range but because of our high ceilings it wouldn't have looked built in like we wanted so we went to a few local companies and in the end chose Innerspace Wardrobes, who came out and drew up the design after the necessary delegation of space (Me 70% and Mr P 30%) which also included my own jewellery shrine with 2 jewellery drawers for all my bling. They took 2 weeks to make it and installed it in a day, then the shatter proof glass doors were fitted a few days later (that was the only hiccup as they weren’t ready in time).

Wardrobe shell installed

Jewellery drawers and alcove for my bling

The doors installed

Then it was time to unpacked -
Mine is the 3 sections to the right and Mr 2 sections to the left

Once the wardrobe was in it was time to move in and start to decorate. I wanted the bedroom to be sexy and stylish so chose red as the accent colour to go against the black bedroom set we already had. We splurged on a plush red rug to ancor the bed.
Installed a small black chrystal light cover which we've since moved to the Study/Craft Room and updated with a large modern chandelier

With small light fitting

With modern chandelier


Posters framed and hung on the wall

The timber blinds we hung up are a huge improvement on the  old blue venetian blinds but the sun still streamed through the slats ruining my weekend sleep ins so we decided to add some crisp white blockout curtains over the timber blinds to make the room darker and it also softens the look of the timber which I like.

Blinds before

Installing new timber blinds

Blinds up but the light still streamed through the slats

Finally found the right curtains, rods and brackets and installed

The brackets and curtains rods went up

Then the curtains

As you can see I'm constantly changing my bed cover, coushins and decor. I love how this room has turned out and can honestly say I've never had a better night sleep in my life than I do in this room each night. Love love love it!
Cost Breakdown:
Bedroom set, Harvey Norman (already had)
Wardrobe, Innerspace $3174
Rug 190x280, Rugmart  $450
Black Chandelier, Beacon Lighting $150
Timber Blinds x 3 @ $70, Textile Traders $210
Chrome Curtain Rods x 2, Textile Traders $70
Metro Blockout Curtains x 3 @ $70, Curtain Wonderland $210
Doona (Black & Red), Target $75 and (Black & White), Kmart $30
Coushins (red), Target $25 and (Black) Thingz $13
DIY wall art $15
Retro pin up girl art posters x 4, Planet Books and Frames x 4, Ikea,  Total $132.80

[Images my own]


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  1. Oh, I love your jewelry trays! I'm thinking about lining mine so things don't slide around as much. Thanks for bringing me over here, you guys did an amazing job! And it's all so organized.


  2. Brandy~GreyLaneHomeMay 31, 2012

    What a transformation. Thanks for visiting GreyLaneHome. I am now happily following you.


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