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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Water Restrictions

Here in drought stricken Australia they've just enforced even tougher water restrictions (because of the not so wet winter and a long hot summer ahead of us). So we  can now only water 1 day a week. There aint no way we'll be able get lawn established with just 1 day of water. Looks like we'll be living with the dead scratchy grass and sand that is our backyard for a bit longer. A lot longer. Next Winter probably. I guess by then we'll know the design we want for the backyard. I'm still dreaming of the Mediterranean styled gardens and their unthirsty type plants are just what we need.

How does everyone else manage to keep their gardens lush and green with these water restrictions? Would love to hear your advice or ideas.

[Image via Georgie Sharp and Karyn R. Millet]
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1 comment:

  1. Everything's already looking so dry as you drive around Perth at the moment - lucky we had a bit of rain today. The new water restrictions are such a pain - it has meant lots more hand watering for us. We also use wetting agents on the lawn and garden.


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