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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kitchen Design

I posted recently about an Interior Design course I was going to and although I was doubtful about whether you could teach style, it actually went better than I thought. You need to have an interest and idea of what you like, there will always be the latest trends and colours and whizz bang products but the idea is to go for the things that you love.

I was pleased to know that making a statement with wallpapers was the in thing (yep doing that one). Also the neutral colour palette to have through your house is greys greys and more greys (yep doing that one as well). Maybe I've been worrying to much, maybe I do have style I just don't have the confidence for it to shine through yet.

The session this week is on Kitchens. The Kitchen is my Hard Road project that I opted to put on hold and do the Man Cave instead. But now that the Man Cave is painted and I'm not allowed to decorate it(!) the Kitchen is the next room to focus my energy on. I'm really looking forward to having my dream kitchen I'm just not sure where the heck I begin to plan what I want. I'm hopeful this will give me some good tips.

Do you have any tips on planning a kitchen renovation?
I'd be very grateful to hear them!

[Image from we heart it]
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