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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feng Shui + Mirrors In The Home

I love mirrors in the home and there's so many gorgeous styles of mirrors to choose from.

For ages I've wanted a big mirror in the master bedroom and one near the front door, either opposite the front door or in the hallway.

I was interested in Feng Shui and looked it up to make sure where I wanted to place the mirrors was right, as I know mirrors and Feng Shui are linked because mirrors bring energy and so they can bring negativity too if put in the wrong spot.

For the Master Bedroom - I wanted a mirror on the wall opposite the bed and had in mind a big black octavia mirror like this one.

But Feng Shui states large mirrors opposite beds are not good as it depletes your energy as you sleep and it adds a third element to your relationship which of course isn't good in the bedroom (unless you're into threesomes but I'm not kinky like that!). So I'm not going for a big mirror for the bedroom now and will be looking for a piece of art instead.

I want a mirror in the hallway too - either on the wall you see when you first walk in the front door or where the hallway starts between the master bedroom and the craft room.

I love the facet mirrors and had in mind one like this pictured below.

But Feng Shui tells me tiled mirrors are not good as they break up energy and cause confusion. Also seeing a mirror as soon as you walk in is unwelcoming to visitors as it pushes them back out the door. So the wall between the master bedroom and craft room will be a better place for a mirror, I've just got to find a more streamline style instead of the tiles.

I'm not a stringent follower of Feng Shui but I do take note of some of the principals of it, especially when it comes to the energy of the home.

Have you made decisions in your home based on the principals of Feng Shui?

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[Images via - Octavia mirror Pollyvore, Facet mirror Graham & Green]
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  1. I know that you should not put a Budddha in the bathroom or near a toilet. It's apparently very disrespectful, but many Westerners do so.
    I recently painted my front door black, and it feels better feng shui than it's original wood... here's hoping; ALOT of work to still do.

  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    I know what you mean about going all nuts over feng shui. So I'm a little selective, sort of like you maybe. I remember reading that one of the Feng Shui lessons is that positive energy can be attracted into homes with a welcoming entryway. Flowers, windchimes, banners all providing a clear, cheerful path to the door. And I don't place mirrors facing each other. And I try to keep a balance of wood metal stone, fire, etc. But beyond that, it's just life as ususal. Hope your mirror selection turns out ok!


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