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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Man Cave is Done and Done

Back in April we cleared out the 4th bedroom ready to transform it into a Man Cave (if your not sure what a Man Cave is check out my scientific research over here). We finished the Man Cave a few weeks ago, it's all painted and the floorboards are restored, and while we're on the hunt for the perfect comfy couch and rugs, I'll show you how the room looks so far ...

This is what the room looked like BEFORE blue venetian blinds, wardrobe ripped out, carpet ripped up and boring beige walls

A few weekends spent sanding the walls, filling and sanding some more until they were nice and smooth. Then the painting, first an undercoat and 2 coats of my favourite wall colour Mountain Peak (tinted double strength for the bedrooms) which is a light grey colour. The ceiling got 2 coats of white and all the skirting boards, window frame and door frame got an undercoat and 2 coats of white.

There is no better feeling than peeling off the tape, taking the newspaper off the windows, pulling up the drop sheets and there you have it another room finito! This is AFTER with those freshly painted walls and new timber blinds. The old blue venetian blinds that were throughout the house have all been replaced now they are just a bad bad dream!

The last thing to do is the floor, we spent 4 hours filling the gap between each floorboard, they were then sanded back and sealed with tung oil. Just look at how those babies now shine they are smooth as a baby's bum!

So there you have it the Man Cave is done and done!
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  1. wow! looks great!!!

    the sydney girl

  2. I am seriously impressed with all ur renos. love the floors, the colour schemes the decor. Amazing job!!

  3. Such a gorgeous result, really love the wall colour you have chosen, and those floorboards just melt my heart, sigh!
    Have a great week xx

  4. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    There is a Before and After party at ThiftyDecorChick.blogspot- this would be perfect for that party too!

  5. Great job! That was really a lot of work - much more than simply painting! The floor in particular looks beautiful.

  6. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    game on! Thankks for sharing with goodbyecityhellosuburbs!

  7. Wow. VERY impressive. That is a LOT of hard work you guys have put in...looks great! xo


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