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Monday, May 14, 2012

Point & Shoot: My 32nd Birthday Do

When:  Saturday, 12 May 2012

It's been raining for weeks and then Saturday it was sunshine and a sunny 29 degrees an absolutely perfect day to be outside in the beer garden with friends and family!

That's me in the middle with friends Karli and Casey
I splashed out and bought myself a new blue dress and these highest shoes I've ever worn (and surprisingly comfy!)

This is some of my bookclub girls Ekta, Gabriella and Jane
who have introduced me to some fantastic reads and
best of all we have become great drinking friends

I'll never be too old for Birthday cake ... especially Bailey's Cheesecake mmmmm

Enjoying a wine and chat with my gorgeous Mum
Because it was Mother's Day the next day I had the florist wrap up an orange tulip for each of the Mums to take home with them

I had such a great time and the Birthday week continues :)

After a very long break I'm joining back in with Sunny + Scouts weekend Point and Shoot

[All images my own]

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  1. Many Happy Returns of the day Dear ! God Bless !!

  2. Happy belated birthday luv. So glad you had a wonderful birthday - you definitely had great weather on Saturday! It's funny, I drove past Elmars on Saturday night on my way to my friend's house for cooking club and was wondering what it was like as it looked popular. Your blue dress looks great!

  3. Hope you have a fantastic birthday week:) Sometimes one day just isn't enough.

    Your birthday cake must have been very tasty. How lucky were you with the weather? 29 for a May party is just perfect.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday.. the dress is really cute

  5. happy birthday!!
    book club friends who are drinking friends is a fun combination!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Love your blue dress and that cake looks AMAZING!

  7. Happy birthday, Michelle! The blue suits you, it's one of my favourite colours. You're so sweet giving each of the mothers a tulip, what a beautiful gesture xx

  8. Yikes, I'm late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I raise my sweet tea to you!

  9. You're so young!! What a fabulous day, cake, dress ... all of it just looks perfect. Happy Birthday week!
    PS We celebrate birthday weeks in our house too :) Coz a day is never enough

  10. Happy birthday! Looks like a lovely one and your new dress is hot too, yay!


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