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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fridays Letters - Dear Flannelette Sheets

I'm hooked already and joining in again with the Adventures Of A Newlywed and this weeks Dear Friday's Link Up Party. I have met some lovely bloggers and look forward to reading everyones letters, it must be the snoop in  me liking to hear about what everyone is up to in their lives!

Today I'll imagine I'm writing letters from this vibrant funky yellow home office space

Dear Flannelette Sheets - With the nights getting colder you have no idea how good you feel to climb into bed with. Thanks for keeping me warm at night.

Dear Soup - I've discovered when there's nothing in the fridge to eat I can throw some things together in a pot, blitz you up and call you soup. You will  no longer be an overlooked dish.

Dear Library Books - Every book on my must read list has been reserved by someone else and as a result I have been insanely bored with nothing to read and spending my travelling to and from work staring out the buss window drives me insane. I'm on a mission to find some more must read books this week.

Dear Buns Of Steel - I know I said I would start to exercise months ago and work on those buns of steel. But I lied. I just can't keep up the motivation as much as I want to.

Dear Holiday - 3 months from now I'll be cruising around the tropical islands with a cocktail in one hand and Mr P's hand in the other. Can't wait.


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  1. flannel sheet!! we just switched to the light comforter for summer!!! I can't imagine hot sheets!

  2. LOVE your letters miss! just found your blog from ashelys page!

    Happy i did!
    Newest bloggy friend <3
    Say hi back sometime?


  3. Vising from Friday's Letters! Yay for tropical vacations. Where will you be headed?


  4. I LOVE cold nights! Must be because we don't get them here in UT all.summer.long. Good thing the Hubs likes it cold so the AC is on and I get to snuggle under my heavy blanket :) Where are you cruisin? We are looking into taking a cruise in October back to the Carribean! Found your blog thru Friday letters and excited to follow along!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam

  5. i love finding must read books :) im a librarian and would love to help you find good books to read! cute blog :) xo

  6. I'm wondering whether or not to get into this '50 shades' saga as everyone seems to be talking about it....but from what I've heard, you wouldn't want to be reading that on the bus! haha. I get all my books from a website called bookdepository, super cheap!

    Oh & I get you on the exercise! I hire a treadmill over the winter periods & even this winter, I've found excuses not to go on it. No hope in getting fit! haha.

    P.S Cruise sounds AMAZING!!

  7. So jealous- a vacation sounds so incredible right now!

  8. okay, where are you that you need flannel sheets right now?!??! ohh wait, australia.... is it winter there right now? That is so confusing to me! haha thanks for linking up with me this week!


  9. Where are you going on vacation??

  10. I'm a firm believer than steel buns are completely over rated. Can't squeeze steel. Sitting on steel? Not too comfy. Steel burns to the touch when it's hot and when it's too cold. Stick with the buns you got dudette. Love your office. Nothing says get to work like a bright blue animal head. Found you through the link up.

  11. Have fun on your vacation! Where are you going? I can recommend the book Room. It was a must read a few years ago. I just finished it and liked it a lot. I just finished Unbroken too, but it's fairly popular so might be hard to get your hands on.

  12. Hi ladies, Im cruising from Sydney to New Caledonia and Vanuata tropical islands in the south pacific ocean. And yes it is freezing cold here in Australia our winter has just started brrrr.

  13. At first I thought that actually was your office! It's gorgeous and I love the animal head, although I don't think I could pull one off in our home.

    Also, I know. I'm so mad at our library. Guess who is 176 on the waiting list for 50 Shades of Gray. This girl. Hope you find something fun to read soon :)

  14. Two more 'must read' books for you-The Secret History by Donna Tarte and 'The Poisonwood Bible' by Barbara Kingsolver.

  15. Hi there - just to let you know I have revamped the way I list blogs on my sidebar and now have a list of featured personal blogs. Your blog is on it. I do enjoy following your blog. Have a good day.

    Ps If you check out the May and june editions of Books You Loved you might get some good reading ideas.

  16. Soup is seriously my favorite thing to cook. So easy and they always come together well.

  17. I love the desk! haha I like to pretend I have cool things like that sometimes! Soup is a wonderfully easy dish isn't it?? Except I'm not all that handy and I can't make anything from scratch...I am extremely jealous of your tropical island trip you have coming up!

  18. Where are you from that it is cold? Where ever that is i want to be there until this baby gets evicted!!


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