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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around The Tree Garden

I popped into my parents farm over the weekend while they are away on holidays and it didn't take long for my bargain hunting eyes to notice they had a garden full of flowers growing in abundance, and they had the same flowers I was going to buy in Bunnings to do the garden in my backyard. You can guess what happened next ... armed with a shovel and a big garbage bag I dug up a dozen or so plants and took them home with me to plant. Ummmmah I know a bit naughty but it's not stealing, it's lending me a helping hand!

So the next day the plants looked something like this ...

These monsterous weeds around the ghost gum tree were pulled out

And I planted the flowers around the tree and moved some limestone rocks that were around the front of the house and made a garden bed edging. A bit of mulch and lots of water and they aren't looking to bad.

We still need about 20 rolls of lawn to finish where you can see dirt, and the top left corner which is weeds (although mowed back it nearly passes as lawn in these photos!). But the rest of the backyard is looking green and the lawn has taken and is growing pretty well.

The backyard is all set for some serious ping pong action this weekend!

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  1. Instant Free colour! Fantastic! You're back garden is coming along so nicely just in time for the lovely outdoor weather. You really are the bargain queen!


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