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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Epic Lawn Laying Day

We don’t want to do anything too permanent in the backyard or spend a lot of money as we plan to subdivide and build on it in the future. But there’s no excuse for it to look like a forgotten woodland either! Tidying up the back fence garden with transplanted dietes and coloured solar lights was a start, then planting the herb and vegetable gardens. Now to do something about the dead forgotten lawn which is now sand and weeds – that’s when the epic lawn laying day comes in!

Time to go weeds

 We got a phone call from a landscaper friend at 5pm on Friday who had 70 rolls of Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn leftover and we could have it for $2 a roll (usually $12) so of course we jumped at the opportunity and all up paid $150 for about 70 m2.

There goes my relaxing weekend plans!

We kept the lawn wet and watered until Sunday morning when we were ready to lay it. Then the shovels and wheelbarrow came out and the top layer of weeds and sand was shovelled up, the ground flattened and sprinkled with some dynamic lifter. Then the lawn was rolled out bit by bit. Tucking it in like a blanket around each piece so you can’t even notice its roll on. Lastly a really good soaking of water to settle it in so the roots take to the ground.

1 of 2 tray loads of roll on lawn

Digging out the weeds ... go guys!

Raking the sand flat and sprinkling with dynamic lifter

Rolling the lawn on and cutting to size


More progress

We got half way through the backyard and needed some more grass to do around the clothesline to the back fence. A drive to pick up more lawn then we had less than 2 hours of sunlight left and we worked our butts off and got the last of the lawn down just as the moon was coming up. I even handled the shovel for a while until I got a blister then it was back to the weeding!

Half way done from the patio steps outwards

Giving it a good water in

We need a bit more lawn to get to the back fence on the left side of the ghost gum tree. But it will do for now I’m really not ready to dig and weed for another week or so thanks very much! Next job is to set up reticulation and sprinklers so we don’t have to remember to water it (I’m never any good at that!).

There’s now lush green grass from the back patio all the way down to the clothes line and it feels so good to have that squishy cool green grass underfoot.

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  1. I am so jealous, I dream about someone calling me and telling me I can have sir Walter for $2 a roll!!

  2. Wow, easy to say goodbye to the relaxing weekend when you can get 70 rolls of lawn at 1/6th of the price!! Looks fantastic, how exciting to have a backyard looking more backyardish. Perfect timing as well with the rain this week and next :) It will be all ready for backyard cricket before you know it :P


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