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Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring Is Here

In the bedroom I've packed away the heavy winter doona and have made the bed with crisp white 1000 thread count sheets and my new butterfly doona and matching cushion that I just couldn't resist on my latest Target venture.

In the kitchen is a bowl of spring fruits persimmons and lemons (no they're not grown from my tree just yet!)

In the bathroom a vase of fresh flowers make it feel fresh and spring like

Have you embraced Spring at home?
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  1. Nice new doona! I would love to embrace some white sheets but with the other half working in the Pilbara, white is not a bed sheet (or doona) colour that works for us!

    I am on the hunt for a nice new doona cover though, I'm a little bit over our current black one!

  2. lol ahh no there will be no embracing of spring in our household - the joys of two hayfever suffers shacking up together!!

    LOVE that bedspread!



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