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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Themed Party: Childhood Memories

As mentioned I recently went to a Childhood Memories Fancy Dress Party on Saturday night and thought I'd share some happy snaps with you. This was a great theme and there were so many options for outfits it was a really easy theme to dress to.

Here I am as a cabbage patch doll with the Birthday girl as Barbie!

There was a My Little Pony Birthday Cake for the Birthday girl

Barbie and her Pink Convertable (all DIY-ed by the Birthday girl)

Me attempting to dress like a Cabbage Patch Doll ... yes I even had the authentic signature written on my butt!

Everyone dressed up in their favourite childhood memory and we had some awesome outfits .... 

Care Bear, Bugs Bunny, Spice Girls, Alladan, Indiana Jones, Punky Brewster, Areal, The Little Mermaid, Horse Rider, James Bond, Lego, Star Trooper, Basketballer to name a few!

I love fancy dress parties!

Do you go all out when it comes to fancy dress parties? Dressing up and playing the character?

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Oh what fun and what cool characters to dress up as! We actually have my best friend's 30th this Saturday and it's a Hollywood dress-up theme but I can't for the life of me think of something easy to dress up as with this basketball in my belly!!! :)

  2. What an excellent party. Glad you shared the pics - you look fabuolous. I like the simple but very clever Lego too! Looks like a very fun party!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! I love the My Little Pony cake!!! And your costume is great too. I think that is the best theme ever. I've never had a dress up party but if I do it will be that for sure. As far as dressing up for others party's, well the very few costume parties I've been to I've gone all out but there hasn't been many!

  4. aww, SO many childhood memories indeed. I love that birthday cake, oh my gosh, I used to adore My Little Pony, haha. AND, I love that you dressed up as a Cabbage Patch Doll, with signature and all!! What a fun looking party. xo veronika

  5. I'm not great at dressing up, but as I get older or maybe now I have kids, I am a little more keen to get right in to dressing up! I love that My Little Pony cake!


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