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Friday, September 23, 2011

Got Da Roof Tiles

It wasn't all fun and games over the weekend there was a bit of manual labour for the house which involved loading, unloading and stacking over 250+ roof tiles. Did wonders for my hangover though I barely had time to notice it!

I haven't talked a lot about the garage extension we're doing as I didn't want to jinx the Council who still haven't given building approval for the extension yet and it has been almost a year. But not to be deterred I still want to be organised and get all the things we need like tiles and builders so as soon as we get the ok we can go ahead with it. Believe it or not we've been searching GumTree for 6 months for these darn roof tiles and this is the first time there was a match and the quantity we needed - Bristol Straight line tiles they were selling for $1 each and talked them down to 60c each which worked out to $150 for the lot. They're in pretty good condition and we're going to pressure clean and paint over them so the colour won't matter.

Drove around to the sellers house and loaded the tiles 2 at a time into the back of the ute. I saw at least 4 spiders and 6 little geckos hiding in the tiles, I'm so glad I had my gloves on or I would've been a real girl about it! The tyres sank down under the weight it was a slow and steady drive home. Then unloaded them using a trolley about 20 trips later they were all stacked out the back ready until we need them.

Fingers crossed we get the Council's approval before Christmas so we can give ourselves an early Chrissy pressie of having a new garage.
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  1. oOooOOo keeping everything crossed for you!

    it still annoys me that you even need to get permission to build something on your own land - ridiculous!


  2. You're so organised - I hope taht permission comes through for you soon!

  3. how exciting...hope the approval comes soon enough for you :)

    Claudia xo

  4. That’s quite a lot of work to do. Loading, unloading, and stacking those roof tiles aren't easy. Just imagine how heavy those are. And lifting it up on the roof is much harder. It needs cautious handling to prevent it from breaking.
    -Northern Virginia Roofing Company


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