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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Window With A Surprise View

Its been so weird having tradesman over this week, the tiler and window guy, its the first time we've let other people come in and do some of the work but we've realised there's some things you've got to leave to the pros to get a really professional finish.

So the window guy came to fit the new window and just happened to pick the day Perth was having a massive thunderstorm and lightening all day long and there he was up on his ladder outside in the pouring rain trying to fit the window. Poor bugger!

A few hours later and the new window was in and what an awesome surprise, because its clear glass and not frosted like the old one, you can see the greenery from the tops of the gum trees through the window.

BEFORE - Old frosted window it lets the light in but you can't see out

DURING - Old window out and what a surprise you can see the tree tops

AFTER - New window in (sorry about the terrible photos)

When I think back to the window in the shower problem we worried about for weeks before we figured out what to do and to then get a surprise view like this with the window we chose it makes all worthwhile in the end!
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  1. noice view! we've got a HUGE window in our bathroom but it is frosted glass, i couldn't get over the size of it when we first saw it when the house was being built!


  2. So much better with a view! Love ! Love, Me

  3. You can now poo with a view!!! Noice ...

  4. Great view!! It must have been awful working in those storms.

    Can't wait to see the final bathroom pics:)


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